Where to Grab a Drink in Boston

where to grab a drink in boston

Whether you live in Boston or planning your next trip to the city, there are so many amazing restaurants and bars to visit and grab a drink at. Most of them are small and intimate, there are limited patios to sit at (but there are some great ones!), and you typically have to make reservations but all of these things are what make the experience even better. If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love going out for a cocktail or a cold glass of wine and to make your planning a little bit easier, I figured I’d share some of my favorite spots to grab a drink in the city!

where to grab a drink in boston

Where to Grab a Drink in Boston

When putting together this list, I tried to include my favorite spots from different areas of the city and while there are a lot more restaurants and bars you need to check out, these are at the top of my list and recommend them to everyone! For each, I’m also including my favorite cocktails to try and some of my favorite bites!


Located in the Seaport, Committee (pictured above!) is a modern-day “ouzeri” (Greek tavern) with multiple bars and lounges. Serving Greek-Med meze, Committee is a great spot to grab a cocktail and appetizers with friends, but they also serve brunch and dinner. I’ve gone to Committee a few times now for drinks but just went for brunch for the first time!

Cocktail Recommendations: Island Boi (pictured above!) and the Juice Bar Junkie

Food Recommendations: Greek Yogurt Pancakes and the Zucchini Crisps (brunch)

boston patios

Petite Robert Bistro

Petite Robert is hands-down my favorite restaurant in Boston! The little slice of Paris in Boston’s South End has the cutest patio and the most delicious food and cocktails. They also have a few specials during the week, including $1 oysters Monday through Thursday from 4 to 6 PM. I come here a lot for lunch/dinner but it’s also a great spot to meet friends for a drink or for a first date.

Cocktail Recommendations: Passion Fruit Spritz, Cucumber Lover, Libellule (my all-time favorite, thank me later), and the Espresso Martini

Food Recommendations: Assiette de Fromage, Truffle Fries, Bourguignon au Fromage, Croque Monsieur, and the Steak Frites (with Bordelaise)


Who can say no to Mexican?! (If you can, we probably shouldn’t be friends 😉) Lolita Mexican is located along Boston Harbor in Fort Point and has the best margaritas ever. Yup, I said it. They used to have two locations (the second in Back Bay; I think it’s undergoing renovations!) but the Fort Point location is awesome because not only is it massive, but it also has an outdoor patio year which is awesome in the summer months.

Cocktail Recommendations: Lolita Margarita and Spicy Cucumber Margarita; I also recommend getting a tequila shot, they serve them with an orange slice dipped in sugar!

Food Recommendations: Hot Queso Dip, Chip & Dip Trio, Habanero Chicken Rancho Quesadilla,  and Grilled Steak Tacos


Mariel opened a few years ago in the heart of Post Office Square and serves upscale Cuban specialties and delicious cocktails inside an old bank building. The interior will truly make your jaw drop, it’s absolutely stunning! We love coming here with friends for cocktails and tapas. 

Cocktail Recommendations: Lulu Lime, Cienfuegos, and the Cafe Cubano

Food Recommendations: Yuca Cheese Puffs, Pork Empanadas, Chicken Tots, Sticky Ribs, Steak Churrasco, and the Chorizo Pizza


Another French restaurant in the South End, Aquitaine is higher-end than Petite Robert’s but has a great ambiance. If you’re looking for a restaurant that’s a little more special to celebrate a special event, birthday, or anniversary, I couldn’t recommend Aquitaine more! They have a very small bar area (I think it seats 10) but it’s a fun spot to pop into for a pre or post-dinner cocktail!

Cocktail Recommendations: Fig Manhattan, Petite Piquant, The Saint C (my go-to!), and the Espresso Martini

Food Recommendations: Assiettes de Fromages, Carpaccio of Sirloin, Tagliatelle aux Lapin, Steak Frites Aquitaine, Steak Frites Parisian, Roasted Mushrooms

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