What’s Your Favorite Snack?

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favorite snack
favorite movie snack
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From sweet to salty, there are so many different snack options to help curb your cravings and hold you over to your next meal. I, for one, am a snacker. As someone that typically eats small portions, I can get very hungry in between meals (who doesn’t?) and having a small snack or two helps to hold me over in between those meals. And if you think I can sit through an after-dinner movie without nibbling on something… 😉

With that being said, I do try to keep any of the snacks I’m eating throughout the day (especially at work!), on the healthier side — trail mix, granola/protein bars, hummus and veggies, fresh mozzarella and some prosciutto. When I’m home watching a movie, I can’t resist a bowl of delicious, buttery popcorn. SO. FREAKIN. GOOD. 

What is your go-to snack?

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  1. 1.7.20
    Jill said:

    I’m a snacker too and a popcorn fanatic. I also love to snack on hummus and veggies or apples and peanut butter!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      So many yummy snacks!

  2. 1.7.20
    Caitlin said:

    One of my fav snacks is popcorn – and another are almonds!

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      It’s so good!

  3. 1.7.20

    I love hummus with veggies but also popcorn is my true love haha

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      I can never get enough popcorn! Love hummus and veggies for the days I’m feeling healthy!

  4. 1.7.20
    Hillary said:

    I am such a snacker!! Can totally relate to this haha. I’m currently on a pita chips and hummus kick!

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:


  5. 1.7.20

    Habitual snacker here. Can literally snack all day…chips and doughnuts are my weakness! xoxo, Sarah

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Chips and any sort of dip is a weakness of mine!

  6. 1.7.20

    I’m honestly not a huge snacker! If I’m hungry, I usually just opt for a meal, lol. I do enjoy popcorn with a movie though, so I guess you could say I’m a popcorn girl! Xx.

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      I wish I wasn’t much of a snacker!

  7. 1.7.20
    Lizzie said:

    I’m not much of a snacker but my husband is! Oh my gosh, he eats everything in sight hahah! But when I do snack, I like jerky, popcorn, nuts and chocolate covered almonds.

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Chocolate covered almonds are so good!

  8. 1.7.20

    So many favorite snacks. But popcorn is always on that list.

    ❥ tanvii.com

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      It’s delicious!

  9. 1.7.20
    Stephanie Whitman said:

    Great minds think alike, because popcorn is hands down my favorite snack! I especially love the Smartfood movie theater butter popcorn. I know it’s not as traditional as actually popping a bag of popcorn, but the flavor is AMAZING! My hubs and I totally brought it with us to every single showing at the drive-in theater we went to last summer – and now I keep 2 bags at a time in my house so I never run out haha!

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      I haven’t had Smartfood in so long and have never had the movie theater butter popcorn flavor – I need to try this ASAP.

  10. 1.7.20

    My go-to snack lately has been dried mangos from Trader Joe’s! They are sweet and satisfying but also a way to get in more fruits 🙂

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Ouuuu those sound delicious!

  11. 1.8.20
    Kileen said:

    My favorite snack is yogurt with berries and granola!! So yummy and such a treat for me!

    cute & little

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      I’ve never been much of a yogurt fan but I love granola!

  12. 1.8.20
    Em said:

    I’m not the snacker in the fam (that’s my husband!) but when I do snack I need a combo or salty and sweet!

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      I love a good trail mix to tackle my salty and sweet cravings!

  13. 1.8.20
    Rach said:

    Lately, I’ve been obsessed with HIPPEAS. Omg they’re so good and addicting!


    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      OMG I need to try these! Everyone says they’re delicious!

  14. 1.8.20
    Ashley said:

    I’m so with you!! I used to buy the Orville Redenbacher with the pour over butter (so yummy!), but now I like their Ultimate Butter popcorn even better!


    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Yasss! So much delicious popcorn!

  15. 1.11.20
    Kristina said:

    I love to snack on Angies boom chicka pop and carrots with ranch!

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Boom Chicka Pop is SO good!