What I Read in March

What I Read in March

Growing up, I always thought March was the longest month of the year. No holidays, no days off of school… but as I’ve gotten older it’s the one month that feels like it goes by in the blink of an eye. Despite this, I was able to read three books this past month (which I feel really good about!) and even though they started on the slow side, I ended the month on a high note! After reading Every Summer After last year, I’ve been loving any and every book with the same kind of writing/themes, and Part Of Your World, while not exactly like Every Summer After, gave me all the same feels and I truly couldn’t put it down!

What I Read in March


Goodreads Synopsis:

Nisha Cantor lives the globetrotting life of the seriously wealthy until her husband announces a divorce and cuts her off. Nisha is determined to hang onto her glamorous life. But in the meantime, she must scramble to cope–she doesn’t even have the shoes she was, until a moment ago, standing in.

That’s because Sam Kemp – at the bleakest point of her life – has accidentally taken Nisha’s gym bag. But Sam hardly has time to worry about a lost gym bag–she’s struggling to keep herself and her family afloat. When she tries on Nisha’s six-inch high Christian Louboutin red crocodile shoes, the resulting jolt of confidence makes her realize something must change—and that thing is herself.

My Review: Someone Else’s Shoes was my first Jojo Moyes book and I had high hopes, but it really didn’t do much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I did like it, it just felt a little slow, and considering that it was 400 pages the slowness made it hard to get through. Starting off with a shoe mix-up, we are introduced to two characters: Sam, a working mom trying to motivate her husband after his father died and Nisha, the ice queen everyone loves to hate. Thanks to Sam’s newfound confidence, I was hoping she would grow a backbone a little sooner and each time something came up I wanted to scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? The same went with Nisha; I typically love the ice queen character but found that the build-up was lackluster. And don’t even get me started on the climax of the book; it was such a slow build-up and didn’t excite me as much as I was hoping. It was almost…. predictable? 

My Rating: 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Goodreads Synopsis:

Ghanaian-American Angela Appiah has checked off all the boxes for the “Perfect Immigrant Daughter.”

– Enroll in an elite medical school
– Snag a suitable lawyer/doctor/engineer boyfriend
– Surround yourself with a gaggle of successful and/or loyal friends

But then it quickly all falls apart: her boyfriend dumps her, she bombs the most important exam of her medical career, and her best friend pulls away. And her parents, whose approval seems to hinge on how closely she follows the path they chose, are a lot less proud of their daughter. It’s a quarter-life crisis of epic proportions.

Angie, who has always faced her problems by working “twice as hard to get half as far,” is at a loss. Suddenly, she begins to question everything: her career choice, her friendships, and even why she’s attracted to men who don’t love her as much as she loves them.

And just when things couldn’t get more complicated, enter Ricky Gutierrez— brilliant, thoughtful, sexy, and most importantly, seems to see Angie for who she is instead of what she can represent.

Unfortunately, he’s also got “waste man” practically tattooed across his forehead, and Angie’s done chasing mirages of men. Or so she thinks. For someone who’s always been in control, Angie realizes that there’s one thing she can’t plan on: matters of her heart.

My Review: On Rotation was a book club read and while it wasn’t awful, it wasn’t great. I found that the writing really fell flat and even though we learned a lot about each of the main characters, it was just a little too detailed, making the main characters hard to like. With that being said, the struggles that Angela faced are ones that many children of immigrants face on top of being a woman in her 20s going through school. One thing that I did love about this book is the walls Angela puts up to protect herself and her mental health. This is so, so hard to do, especially when it comes to family and I really appreciate how headstrong she was about doing just that.

My Rating: 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Goodreads Synopsis:

After a wild bet, a gourmet grilled-cheese sandwich, and cuddling with a baby goat, Alexis Montgomery has had her world turned upside down. The cause: Daniel Grant, a ridiculously hot carpenter who’s ten years younger than her and as casual as they come—the complete opposite of sophisticated city girl Alexis. And yet their chemistry is undeniable.

While her ultra-wealthy parents want her to carry on the family legacy of world-renowned surgeons, Alexis doesn’t need glory or fame. She’s fine with being a “mere” ER doctor. And with every minute she spends with Daniel and the tight-knit town where he lives, she’s discovering just what’s really important. Yet letting their relationship become anything more than a short-term fling would mean turning her back on her family and giving up the opportunity to help thousands of people.

Bringing Daniel into her world is impossible, and yet she can’t just give up the joy she’s found with him either. With so many differences between them, how can Alexis possibly choose between her world and his?

My Review: If you’re looking for a contemporary romance that you absolutely cannot put down, Part of Your World is just that. This was my first Abby Jimenez book and it was absolutely amazing! Compared to so many romance novels, Part of Your World has a reverse age gap and has you swooning over Daniel (and this community!) immediately. The author also takes us on such an amazing journey when it comes to Alexis’ character development, which was so amazing to watch. I was cheering for her so hard throughout the entire book! I love that Jimenez also weaves in some heavier topics throughout the book that bring in that real-world aspect and reminds you that no matter how perfect someone’s life seems, what we see is only a part of the story.

My Rating: 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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