What I Read in July

what i read in july

The summer is one of my favorite seasons for reading. Between sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun at the beach to escaping the heat and spending the weekends indoors, you can almost always find me with a book in hand relaxing. There’s truly no better way I’d want to spend my summer days. This year though, it has been a whole different story. I’m still carrying a book around with me at all times, but it’s taken me a lot to actually read. I definitely think this is in part to my Verity hangover but things are also busy with wedding planning, work, and traveling. It is what it is, right? I just have to accept that there’s no shame in not reading several books each month!

This past month, I did get through two books and each was good in its own way! I definitely think East Coast Girls would make a great book club book; it covers everything from grief and mourning to friendships and finding yourself. In Liking Myself Back, Jacey Duprie gives us a look into her life, past what we see on Instagram.

What I Read in July


Goodreads Synopsis:

Childhood friends Hannah, Maya, Blue and Renee share a bond that feels more like family. Growing up, they had difficult home lives, and the summers they spent vacationing together in Montauk were the happiest memories they ever made—campfires on the beach, salt-spray hair and the effervescent excitement of the bright future ahead. Then, the summer after graduation, one terrible night changed everything.

Twelve years have passed since that fateful incident, and during that time, their sisterhood has drifted apart, each woman haunted by her own lost innocence. But just as they reunite in Montauk for one last summer together, hoping to heal those wounds and find happiness once more, tragedy strikes again. This time it’ll test them like never before, forcing them to confront decisions they’ve each had to live with and old secrets that refuse to stay buried.

My Review: East Coast Girls is the epitome of a book that lifts you up, breaks you down, then lifts you back up again. It’s about grief, forgiveness, friendship, and finding a way forward. It’s definitely a slow burner, but in a good way. I love that Kerry Kletter really built out each character and leaves you rooting for them and their friendships, and wanting to know what happened. And I promise you, you’ll feel happy, sad, anxious, irritated, and a sense a calm once you make it to the end.

My Rating: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Goodreads Synopsis:

With millions of followers and a thriving lifestyle brand, Damsel in Dior, Jacey Duprie is one of today’s top fashion influencers. Her beautiful Instagram photos capture a life of glamour, luxury, and elegance. But Jacey’s life offline has been far from perfect.

In this candid memoir, Jacey reveals that behind her gorgeously curated photos was a woman struggling with deep insecurities. She shares intimate details of a difficult childhood growing up in rural Texas with an alcoholic father and her own battles with PTSD and mental health. Through resilience, hard work and self-reflection, Jacey eventually triumphed to become the strong, empowered woman she is today.

In Liking Myself Back, Jacey takes readers behind the scenes into the seductive world of fashion and influencing, and reveals how she overcame hardship to achieve her dreams. With raw emotional honesty, Jacey shows that conquering self-doubt and embracing your imperfect, authentic self is not only possible, but is the true key to happiness. 

My Review: I hate rating memoirs; after all, who am I to say how good or how bad someone’s life experiences are? When I found out that Jacey Duprie was coming out with a book, I was excited to read it and learn more about her, beyond what we see on Instagram. Through Liking Myself Back, Jacey shares the behind the scenes of her life, how she grew up, and how she’s faced relationships throughout her life. I really enjoyed reading about who she is beyond Instagram and her brand, but I didn’t get sucked into it like I thought I would!

My Rating: 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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