Tips for Shopping Your Own Closet

Tips for Shopping Your Own Closet

There’s just something about buying new clothes that feels so good. It’s like a high. No matter how bad of a mood I’m in, the second I hit the “checkout” button on a website, feel like a new person. While there is no better feeling than adding new pieces to your wardrobe, shopping constantly isn’t realistic and for most of us, isn’t feasible for our budgets. Instead, we have to get crafty and one of my favorite ways to still achieve this feeling of “gee thanks, just bought it,” I’m all about shopping my own closet. Finding new ways to wear the pieces that have been in your closet forever is a great way to not only breathe new life into your current wardrobe but to also save money.

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Tips for Shopping Your Own Closet
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Tips for Shopping Your Own Closet

If you’re working towards the goal of saving more and shopping less, while still feeling confident every single time you get dressed, this post is for you! Let’s dive into a few tips for shopping your own closet.

Find Inspiration

It can be hard to think of new ways to style a piece of clothing that feels like it’s been in your closet forever, off the top of your head. For days days I can’t figure out how to style something in my closet in a fresh way, I always turn to Pinterest for inspiration. Even when I’m not actively looking for style inspiration, I always come across a cute outfit or two that I’m able to re-create at home with pieces already in my closet. Another great place to find style inspiration is on Instagram! A few favorite accounts to follow include @anindigoday, @lillyandgrant, @natalie.yerger, @louellareese, and @prettyinthepines.

Go Through Your Closet & Purge

Before you start putting together new outfit ideas, take inventory of what you already own. I lovingly call this the purge stage. If you haven’t worn it over the last six months to a year and it’s not seasonal, get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. If it still has the tags on it, take them off. This will help you pair down your wardrobe and make it easier to start putting outfits together.

Play Dress Up

The only way you’re going to know if an outfit works or not is by trying it on. Sometimes this is a hit or miss, but being proactive about it as you purge your closet will help eliviate any stress compared to trying on an outfit when you’re rushing to be somewhere. Playing dress up is also a great way to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and pair pieces together that you normally wouldn’t. Who knows, you might find a combo that you love!

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