The J. Crew Perfect Winter Parka Review

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Olive Parka

J. Crew Perfect Winter Parka / Everlane ReCotton Henley / AG The Farrah Skinny Jean / Marc Fisher LTD Yolli Bootie in Taupe Suede / Sole Society Faux Leather Crossbody Bag

J. Crew Parka
J. Crew Parka, Sole Society Crossbody

Winter might seem like it’s coming to an end, but we still have a few months left of cold winter temps (at least here in Boston!) and there’s no better time than now to stock up on all of the cold weather pieces you might need over the next few weeks, and event next year!

I mean, can you really pass up cozy winter outerwear and chunky sweaters when they’re 50% off? I, for one, cannot.

When I first tried the J. Crew Perfect Winter Parka on a few years ago, I was a little hesitant to make the purchase. Let’s face it: $350 is a lot of money to spend on a coat. After a lot of back and forth, I decided that even though it was expensive, it was a great jacket that I would most likely get a lot of wear out of. When I went to purchase it, I ended up getting it on sale so it made it that much better but if I was to buy it again, I would 100% buy it at full price.

Okay, so, the coat.

I’ve now had the J. Crew Perfect Winter Parka for…. two years and it’s held up so 👏🏻 freakin’ 👏🏻 well 👏🏻

The olive color is stunning and goes with everything, and the color on the inside is so fun! (Mine is pink but the newer version of the olive has a cream color on the inside!) But the best part of all is how cozy it is. It zips up pretty high so when it’s in the single digits and low double digits, I can zip it up all the way and bury my face into it without the zipper rubbing against my face. I also haven’t had any issues with rips or discoloration!

Do you have a favorite coat that has held up great over the years?

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J. Crew Perfect Winter Parka / Everlane ReCotton Henley / AG The Farrah Skinny Jean / Marc Fisher LTD Yolli Bootie in Taupe Suede / Sole Society Faux Leather Crossbody Bag

Photography By: Brad Bahner

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  1. 1.28.20
    Rach said:

    Coats are one thing I invest in. Winters can be very brutal and I need one to last! I’ll definitely have to check out this J.Crew parka bc I’m due for a new one!

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      You need it! I’m also looking into some of the Cole Haan parkas – they look cozy!

  2. 1.28.20
    Taylor said:

    I love this! I have been needing coat recommendations (although I live in Texas and it never gets below 40)

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      I highly recommend this one!

  3. 1.28.20

    I love coats. I think I have one too many of them. Love your parka. Looks comfy and perfect for the job.


    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Tanvi!

  4. 1.28.20
    Mariah said:

    I am always amazed at the things y’all need for the snow. I have ZERO experience with this lol

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      So many layers! So many boots!

  5. 1.28.20
    Lee said:

    I love the olive color!

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Me too!

  6. 1.28.20
    Stephanie Whitman said:

    I really wish I had the budget for this coat right now because I’m dying for a quality, really warm piece of outerwear. I have plenty of “nice” coats, but nothing for the SUPER cold days or the runs to the gym (because wool pea coats probably aren’t the most normal over activewear haha).

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      I stalked the living daylights out of it and ended up paying a little north of $100. Keep your eye on it!

  7. 1.29.20
    Kileen said:

    Love this J.Crew parka! Such a great closet staple for Winter! Love the color too.

    cute & little

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Kileen!

  8. 1.29.20
    Caitlin said:

    All of my J.Crew jackets last for longer than a year – which is why I continuously buy them! This coat is such a fab color – might need it for my collection.

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Yes! You need this one in your rotation. I love the color, too.

  9. 1.29.20

    Some of my best coats are from J.Crew and they’ve held up so well. Always a reliable favorite! xoxo, Sarah

  10. 1.29.20
    Margot said:

    I love this parka.
    It’s such a great coat for winter.

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Margot!

  11. 1.29.20
    Em said:

    Thanks for the review! This looks like such a cozy, warm jacket! I love the color too!

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      It’s the best for the cold winter months!

  12. 1.29.20
    Lizzie said:

    J.Crew has the BEST parka’s! I have three of the stadium cloth ones but this is one is super cute too! They are super warm!


    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      The stadium jackets are SO cozy, too! I have one in black but am considering the tan, too.

  13. 1.30.20
    Amanda said:

    I love that this goes with everything! And I have a few of J.Crew’s coats as well, and they hold up so well.

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      They’re the only thing I consistently buy from them!

  14. 1.31.20
    Lacey said:

    Don’t cha just love when you buy something on sale, love it so much that you think hmmmm I would have paid full price for it. I do and it does not happen very often. I bought my daughter one, but the inside is lilac. You look so warm and cozy.

    thank you for reminding me what winter looks like, thexglitterbox

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Yes! It’s the best! Love this coat so much in the lilac too, she must love it!

  15. 1.31.20

    That parka is so chic! Love it and what a great price too!


    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Lauren!

  16. 2.4.20
    Megan said:

    Omg, I love this coat! It’s seriously so cute! I really like the olive green color.

    • 3.2.20
      Rachel said:

      Me too! It’s so warm and it goes with everything!