The Floral Dress You Need ASAP

floral midi dress

I have always been a denim lover through and through and once the temperatures starting getting too warm for jeans, I transitioned to to denim shorts. But, over the last two, maybe two and a half years, I’ve realized how amazing dresses and skirts are. I know, I know – I’m slacking, but at least I’ve come to realize how amazing they are. Especially when you’re out doing errands, grabbing drinks with friends, or just trying not to melt into the floor while you’re working because your window A/C unit isn’t doing what its supposed to be doing.

Just like everything else I purchase that is warm weather appropriate, I like to stick to a budget because let’s be honest: I’m probably going to be sweating like a pig in whatever the item is. Spending $300+ on something that’s going to get gross, sweaty, and smelly just isn’t something I want to be doing.

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the floral dress you need asap
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One of my absolute favorite places to shop for summer dresses is H&M – they always have amazing silhouettes, they’re affordable, and more often than not, the quality is pretty good given the prices.

During one of my recent scrolls of H&M’s new arrivals, I stumbled upon this floral number and to be honest, I don’t love it. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is about the dress I don’t love but it’s one of those dresses that when you put it on, you instantly look out together so I obviously have it in my regular rotation. It’s honestly the perfect dress to throw on with a pair of simple sandals! 

I did end up getting my regular size (medium) but the top is bigger (perfect for my larger chested ladies!) so I think if I picked it up in another color, I’d size down to limit the extra fabric. It’s also a faux wrap with an elastic waist below the tie, so there is flexibility in the fit. 

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H&M Long Wrap Dress / Seychelles Total Relaxation Slide Sandal / Kayu Colbie Bag / Ray-Ban Original Aviators

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