The Face Masks I Use to Combat Breakouts

Face Masks to Combat Acne

the details: purifying facial peel c/o, pure-clay mask, drying mask

Face masks are one of my favorite ways to indulge in self-pampering but they’re also one of my favorite ways to combat acne (especially when aunt flow is in town). I used to use any and every face mask I could get my hands on, but came to realize I was just pampering myself, not helping my skin. I figured it was time to crack down and find the 3 face masks that I would use on a regular a basis and not wonder beyond them.

MARIO BADESCU DRYING MASK – If you buy any of these products, I highly recommend it be this one. I am a huge fan of all of the Mario Badescu products and use them on a regular basis, but this drying masks literally saves me from breakouts. The drying mask helps dry up breakouts and absorb any pore-clogging imurities in the skin, and also reduces excess shine. Around the time of my period or when I’m more prone to stress, I use this face mask every other day to reduce breakouts.

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MANUKA DOCTOR PURIFYING FACIAL PEEL c/o – Who else finds peel off masks so thrilling?! Just me??? This purifying facial peel combines bee venom extract, fruit exracts, and botanicals to remove dead skin cells, treat blemishes and blackheads, as well as leave your skin feeling extremely soft. I use this mask once every two weeks to help pull any of the crap in my pores out as well as give it a nice, smooth finish.

L’OREAL PARIS EXFOLIATE & REFINE PORES CLAY MASK – The newest mask in my rotation, I was a little hesitant to try it at first but after being so blown away by some of the L’Oreal hair products, I decided to give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised. There are four different masks part of L’Oreal’s clay mask collection, but I decided to go for the exfoliate & refine option, since I was lacking any skincare products that exfoliated. I use this mask every other week and rotate between it and the purifying facial peel I mentioned above. Applying it feels absolutely amazing and my face feels so much cleaner after using it!

What are your holy grail products for combatting break outs?



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  1. 12.21.17
    Kate said:

    I really love the Boscia black charcoal mask! But I’ve heard really good things about those Loreal masks, so I might have to try them one of these days.

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      Ouuu I definitly need to check it out!

  2. 12.21.17
    Cathy said:

    I swear by the L’Oreal masks, they work so well!! I need to try the others too.


    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      I’m addicted to all of the L’Oreal products!

  3. 12.21.17

    Every time someone features a face mask I get so intrigued. I have a few at home and I really need to start using them more often.

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      I love incorporating them into my skincare routine, they’re so pampering!

  4. 12.22.17
    Rita said:

    I just love masks! I need to check out L’Oreal mask, it sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

    Rita |

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      So affordable, too!

  5. 12.22.17
    Ruth Ridley said:

    Always looking for a good mask!! This sounds awesome!!

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      There are so many awesome ones out there! I’m dying to try the Tula one!

  6. 12.22.17
    Liz said:

    I love masks! I need to try this one!


    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      Me too lady, me too!

  7. 12.23.17
    Sabrina said:

    I seriously loveeee Mario Badescu masks!! I’ll have to try the other two recommendations

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      I’m obsessed!!

  8. 12.24.17
    Olivia said:

    I’ll have to recommend these to my sister! She has been dealing with breakouts and nothing seems to be working!

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      Tell her to give the MB one a try! It’s my favorite!

  9. 12.24.17
    miriam said:

    ooh i want to try that clay mask! thanks for sharing!

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      So good and the price is even better!

  10. 12.26.17
    Adriana said:

    I love all of these products, and am such a sucker for a good mask!


    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      You and me both!

  11. 12.26.17

    Definitely want to try these! Especially the Manuka Doctor product… I swear by Manuka honey… we have a tub of it and you can use THAT as a mask and it is truly amazing. I’m sure that mask is GREAT!

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      OUUU I need to try it!

  12. 12.26.17

    I’m definitely going to try these out. Thank you for sharing! x

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      Yay! Let me know what one you like the best!

  13. 12.27.17
    Candace said:

    So glad you’ve found something that works so well for you. I’ve heard Mario Badescu is amazing!

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      Thanks babe! Mario Badescu is my fave!

  14. 2.9.18
    Narhee said:

    Lovely face masks

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

    • 3.31.18
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Narhee!