The Best Paint Colors from Clare

The Best Paint Colors from Clare

Let’s chat paint! Whether you own or rent, painting a space is such a fun, easy, and low-cost way to instantly transform your home and truly make it yours. There are so many paint brands out there but one of my absolute favorites is Clare. This online paint brand delivers your paint and all of the supplies you’ll need for painting your space directly to you, making it as easy to get everything you need for your project. We first used Clare paint in the living room of our Beacon Hill apartment and after being so impressed with the quality (and price!), we decided to use the brand again to paint our bedroom in the same apartment. While we don’t plan on painting any walls in our current apartment, there are plenty of colors that I have my eye on from the brand for our next place. If you’ve been thinking about painting a room in your home, here are the best paint colors from Clare to consider for your project.

Clare Snow White Paint
Clare Perfect Eggshell Paint
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the best clare paint colors

The Best Paint Colors from Clare


If you love a white room, but want it to be on the warmer side, Whipped is your best option! It’s the perfect dreamy white and has a soft, delicate feel to it. It’s Clare’s warmest white paint and it’s extremely versatile throughout the home but they recommend it for north-facing rooms.

Rain Check

Grey tones have been “in” for quite some time now, but they’re definitely not for everyone. If you love the thought of a grey room but want something a little different, consider Rain Check. This paint color is a subtle grey with slight green undertones so it reads more green than grey. It’s majorly soothing and is perfect for the rooms you enjoy relaxing in the most. It gives me major spa vibes!

Current Mood

We originally considered painting our bedroom white but ended up wanting to go bold. The second I saw Current Mood, I knew it would be the perfect color. It’s mysterious, it’s moody, and it’s alluring. While it reads more green on the website, I found that it had hints of teal in person but I love it nonetheless!

Wing It

If we ended up painting our room white, I absolutely considered painting our ceiling this gorgeous pink! It’s pale and barely there, but that’s what makes it feel so sophisticated but fun. Imagine it in a room with wainscoting or picture frame molding? So dreamy!

Seize The Gray

If you love a good grey paint, this one is for you! It’s light, it’s fresh, and it has minimal undertones, which makes it a versatile and neutral backdrop in any room in your home. I personally would love this one in a bedroom or bathroom!

Dirty Martini

While green isn’t my favorite color, I have always been drawn to green paint and this one is no exception! It’s a cloudy olive green that is on the lighter side and gives any room feel sophisticated while still making a statement. It would even be a fun color to pain trim or a door!

Snow Day

After going back and forth on white paint colors for our living room (why is white paint so hard?!), we ended up going with Snow Day. It’s a very cool white, with a touch of warmth, which makes it the perfect color for any main spaces in your home. One of my favorite things about it is how it picked up on the other tones we had in our living room. With warmer tones in the space, the white definitely leans on the warmer side but when we brought in cooler colors, you could tell!

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