The Best Dresses for Running Errands

Leith Midi Dress

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Leith Midi Dress

Leith Midi Dress

Leith Midi Dress

Leith Midi Dress

Leith Midi Dress

Leith Midi Dress

If it was up to me, I would hire someone to run all of my errands for me because let’s face it – running errands is a big ole waste of time and I can think of 2974092 other things that I could be doing instead that are more important. But I can’t afford to pay someone to run my errands, and I’m sure you can’t either. One of my absolute favorite ways to combat the struggle of being an adult is throwing on something comfy, grabbing a coffee, and treating myself to a new lipstick (or two) to make myself feel a little better.

This dress was one of my only purchases (it also comes in a camisole version) during the Nordstrom Sale and I am *so* in love with it! The material feels like soft, cozy sweatpants all over your body, which I am all for, especially when I want to look put together but comfortable when running errands! I love throwing my denim jacket over it when the stores are chilly and I will definitely be pairing it with a leather jacket come fall!

Other Dresses for Running Errands:

Comfort is definitely key when you’re running around, in and out of the car, and seeing how many grocery bags you can carry so you don’t have to make a second trip to your car. When figuring out what to wear keep these things in mind:

Where You Will Be Going

What you would wear to grab a few beauty products you ran out of is going to be completely different from what you would wear to IKEA to pick up new furniture for your bedroom. Keep this in mind so you won’t be pulling and tugging every time you bend over to pick something up.

What the Weather is Like

When you run errands, you typically are going in and out of different stores, driving, and lugging things around. Keep in mind that some of these stores might be chilly and it might be a good idea to bring some sort of sweater or jacket with you that you can easily tie around your shoulders or your waist when it is not needed. Also consider the outdoor weather so you can throw on a dress that would be stuck to your sweaty back (the worst, am I right or amirite!?).

Fabrics to pick during the hot, summer months: Linen, Rayon, Cotton, Denim/Chambray

Fabrics to pick during the winter: Wool, Fleece, Cotton, Corduroy

What are your favorite pieces to wear when running errands?


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  1. 8.8.17
    Nataly said:

    That dress looks so comfortable! I need to get this one!

  2. 8.8.17

    I dislike running errands too! It’s such a pain, but needs to be done! I always make sure I’m wearing comfortable shoes and clothes that work with moving, and carrying things!

    • 8.12.17
      Rachel said:

      Yes! Totally agree!

  3. 8.8.17
    Lauryn said:

    I love casual dresses like this! It oooks amazing on you

    • 8.12.17
      Rachel said:

      They’re the best, aren’t they?!

  4. 8.8.17
    Rebecca said:
    • 8.12.17
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Rebecca!

  5. 8.8.17
    Austen said:

    I’m all for a cozy midi dress! So cute

  6. 8.8.17
    Lacey said:

    This dress is so cute! and looks really comfy!!

  7. 8.8.17
    Megan said:

    This dress looks so comfortable! Love how you styled it with the sneakers.

    Megan |

  8. 8.9.17
    Stephanie said:

    Girlfriend, you sure know how to ROCK a bodycon dress! It seriously hugs all the right places, and I don’t care if you’re running errands – you look hot, hot, HOT! Thanks for sharing some of your picks, and for mentioning the different fabrics to look for. That’s so important to consider depending on what time of year it is!

  9. 8.9.17
    Sydney said:

    You look amazing – The midi dress looks so cool, soft, and comfy.

    • 8.12.17
      Rachel said:

      Thank you Sydney! It’s a must have for fall, I’m definitely picking it up in the other colors!

  10. 8.10.17
    Anna English said:

    That midi dress is a great transitional piece!

  11. 8.12.17
    Narhee said:

    You look great! Love the photos and that dress looks super comfy

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

    • 8.12.17
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Narhee! It’s so soft and perfect for fall!

  12. 8.14.17

    Perfect dress for running around town! Love the length of it.

  13. 8.16.17
    Adiel said:

    This is the perfect ensemble of wardrobe basics!

    • 9.26.17
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Adiel!

  14. 8.17.17

    This looks like a great staple for year round everyday errands