Reader Approved Coffee Orders to Try ASAP

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coffee orders to try

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m so excited to share the first post of my ‘Reader Approved’ series! I’m always asking for YOUR opinions and recommendations and am typically asked to share the responses, so I figured I’d make it into a little series. This one honestly couldn’t come at a better time, either.

Sure, Monday’s are a drag, but it’s Tuesday’s that usually kick my ass. Are you like that too? It’s like I expect Monday’s to be shit and Tuesday’s to be better, but shit always seems to hit the fan and I always need as much coffee as possible. After I shared this post back in May, I got so many great coffee order suggestions, I couldn’t not share them!

Whether you are looking to switch up your coffee order or are in desperate need of more caffeine, give these reader approved coffee orders a try ASAP.

To Order at Starbucks

To Order Anywhere

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  1. 7.16.19

    I need to try all of these! I get Carmel macchiatos but I’ve never tried the others. Thank you for sharing!!

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      I’ve only tried the caramel macchiato and toffee nut, both are so good!

  2. 7.16.19

    Toffee nut and cinnamon dolce sound quite delish. My go-to order from anywhere, but mainly Starbucks, is a nonfat chai latte with splenda.

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      YUM! That sounds good. I haven’t tried the cinnamon dolce yet, but I do have to say, the toffee nut is delicious!

  3. 7.16.19
    rebecca said:

    oooooh this is SUCH a fun series!! I am not a huge coffee drinker, but I do like cold brew every now and again with cream!

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      Thanks, Rebecca!! Ugh, cold brew is my fave!

  4. 7.16.19
    jade bevan said:

    wow thanks for the points! loved this !


    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Jade!

  5. 7.16.19
    Lizzie said:

    What a great list! I need to try some of these. I’m not very adventurous with coffee lol!


    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      I only am when I travel!

  6. 7.16.19
    Stephanie said:

    Look ma, I made it. I’m famous. I’m quoted. It’s an exciting day in blogging history. I’m quoted on my coffee order. To quote Justin Bieber’s famous tweet: “So blessed. So moved. So grateful. Can’t believe this is my life. Never going to take it for granted. Always going to give back. Thank you.”

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      Oh my gosh, I love you!!!

  7. 7.16.19

    Can I suggest Iced Cordusio at Starbucks? It is really good when made right.


    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      I’ve heard so many amazing things about the iced cordusio! I need to try it ASAP.

  8. 7.16.19

    A peppermint mocha sounds incredible! Thanks for the tip!

    xoxo Sarah

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      Sounds so good, right!?

  9. 7.16.19
    Lee said:

    Oo i love this! great idea for a series!

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Lee!

  10. 7.16.19
    Ashley Hargrove said:

    I’m definitely saving this!! I normally just drink black coffee but I’m always down to try something new and fun!

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      I love a black coffee, too, but love switching it up occasionally (especially when I travel)!

  11. 7.17.19
    Kileen said:

    Yay for coffee!! Definitely need to try these out, makes me want to go to Starbucks right now!

    cute & little

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      Right!? Such an essential for being productive.

  12. 7.17.19
    Dana Mannarino said:

    Caramel macchiatos are MY WEAKNESS. So good. I’m either a chai latte or vanilla iced coffee with half and half kinda gal!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      UGH, same! I’m also a sucker for a cold brew (black)!

  13. 7.17.19

    How fun! Love a caramel machhiato from Starbs!!

    • 7.24.19
      Rachel said:

      They’re so good!