Our Wedding Inspiration and Mood Board

Our Wedding Inspiration and Mood Board

We’ve been engaged for about six months now and we started the wedding planning process right away (we got engaged on a Thursday and I started researching venues and sending out emails on Monday). Thankfully, we had some sort of idea of what we wanted our wedding to be like after attending so many of our friend’s weddings over the last year or so, but we had no idea what time frames and venue options would look like with so many weddings being postponed during covid. 

With a little less than a year to go until we say I do, I wanted to kick off all of the wedding content I have planned by sharing some inspiration, our mood board, and some of the things that are “must haves” for our wedding.

Our Wedding Inspiration and Mood Board

Right off the bat, we knew we didn’t want to get married in a barn and because of Chris’ seasonal allergies (and my refusal to get married when it’s hot out), we knew getting married in September/October would be most logical.

We knew we didn’t want a destination wedding (although I can’t stop obsessing over this venue space in the Noelle Hotel in Nashville!!), so that meant we were left with hotels and estates/manors in the New England area as the high-level venue option.  

I honestly didn’t know if I’d ever get married (and was happy with that!) and was never someone who pictured myself walking down the aisle in a white dress. I never had a Pinterest board where I planned my dream wedding. I’m kind of happy that I never pictured what my wedding day would look like because now we get to plan our wedding together and it can be a reflection of both of us, instead of just what I had been pinning over the years.

our wedding inspiration & moodboard

How We’d Describe Our Wedding

Now that we have a venue (more on this to come!), have spoken to countless vendors, and are deep into the wedding planning process, we’ve been able to nail down the vibe we want for our wedding day! I’d call it classic European countryside with a modern twist. 

We’ll be putting a big emphasis on the details, including florals, and I’m so excited about what we’ve been dreaming up for our venue. I also know I want to do a reception dress and am on the hunt for a midi dress with fun (but sexy!) details.

Our Inspiration Resources

When looking for inspiration for our wedding, Pinterest and Instagram have been the biggest resources for us. We created a Pinterest board with all of our inspiration saved, and as we see things on Instagram, I’ll save them to a designated saved folder. I’ve also found a lot of inspiration on Instagram from Carats & Cake, Brides, and Minted Weddings.

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