Office Inspiration + Our Design Concept

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When we moved to the South End back in March (have you checked out our Beacon Hill apartment tour yet!?), we might have given up doors (helllloooo studio living!) but it was for all the right reasons. A larger space, more storage, a better neighborhood. One of my favorite parts of our new space is that there are two lofted areas, one we’re using for for my office.


Since the moment we signed our lease, I’ve been dreaming of what I wanted to do with the space. It’s been a few months now and I’ve purchased a few things for the space (this chair and ottoman, this rug, and this desk!) to hold me over but thanks to the help of the team over at Havenly, my office dreams are finally coming to life!

The best part about working with Havenly is how easy they make it to find inspiration for your space and collaborate with interior designers to bring your space to life. After taking a quick quiz to determine your style and answering a few questions about your needs, Havenly suggests interior designers that would best for your needs! You also get to look through their portfolio to see the projects they’ve recently completed to get a better idea of their design style.

Office Design Inspiration 

The great thing about the office space is that it has a lot of natural light so it already feels lighter and more airy compared to the rest of the apartment! When it comes to the design of the room, I wanted to take advantage of the lighting to help soften and brighten the natural wood elements and cream colored walls but still have elements that help tie the room in with the rest of the apartment. 

office design inspiration
office inspiration
office design inspo

Office Design Concepts

Once I shared my office inspiration with my interior designer Isabella, she got to work on my initial design concepts!

Concept 1:

office space concept 1

Design Concept 2:

Design Concept 3:

office space concept 3

I honestly loved all of them, but the first concept was my favorite. In the end, we ended up combining pieces of each to refine it just a bit and incorporate the chair, ottoman, and rug I already had in the space and wanted to keep.

The Final Concept:

final office design concept

My designer also put together a 3D rendering of the space to get a better idea of the design!

When I receive the final design concept from my designer, I literally gasped. It was everything I dreamed of for the space but didn’t know how to put into words. I’m still working on determining which pieces are going to make the cut and be incorporated into the space – but I can’t wait to share the space with you once it’s complete!

What do you all think of the design concept?!

If you’ve been struggling to design ANY space in your home, get 25% off a mini or full design package at Havenly with code HELLOHER.

This post was in collaboration with Havenly and as always, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Hello, Her possible!

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    Those 3D renderings are insane! Love this concept!