Neutral Shoes for Summer

Neutral Shoes for Summer

I am a neutral shoe gal over and over again. I very rarely wear any shoes that are some sort of nude or black. Can you blame me though? It’s all you really need! This summer I decided to go through my closet, donated the shoes that weren’t given as much love as they should be, and replaced them with shoes that I’ve had my eye on for awhile! Since I’m loving all of these pairs *so* much, I thought it would be fun to share them with you, what I like about them, as well as my thoughts on them for daily life and commuting to work!

Neutral Shoes for Summer

Neutral Shoes for Summer

Neutral Shoes for Summer

Neutral Shoes for Summer

Elsie Sandal

PRICE: $79.95  $39.96 (on sale!)
COLOR OPTIONS: Black Suede, Bright Blue Suede, Chestnut Suede, Fuchsia Suede

I was eyeing these sandals during the Nordstrom sale a few weeks ago but decided to hold off because I had already purchase quite a few pairs of neutral colored shoes and thank goodness I waited. These babies are now on sale even more! I was originally stuck between the fuchsia and this chestnut color, but ended up with the chestnut since they go with *everything*. A couple of the reviews said they were too flat and the grommets bothered their feet but I’ve had no problem with either of these! I would say that if you do have issues wearing flatter shoes/sandals in general these shoes might not be the ones for you – other than that, no complaints!

Halogen Elsie Sandal

Adalyne Platform Wedge

PRICE: $169.95
COLOR OPTIONS: Black/Black Suede, Blush Suede

GUYS. I finally got my hands (aka bit the bullet) on these platform wedges that literally every blogger and their mother has (at least my mother has them, too….) and I’m OBSESSED! Hands down my best shoe purchase like, ever! 10/10 would recommend these, even with the higher price tag. They’re super comfy, look cute with jeans, shorts, and dresses, and did I mention that they’re super comfy? I’m flat out obsessed guys! I’ll probably put them to the commuter test soon (fingers crossed I don’t regret it!) and will let you know how it works out!

Marc Fisher LTD Adeline Platform Wedge

Lace-Up Suede Sandals

PRICE: $118  $79.99 (on sale!)

I have no idea why I keep buying lace up shoes – I am SO bad at tying them! Who’s with me?! I was a little hesitant about these sandals after I read the reviews, but decided to purchase them anyways. What was the worst that could happen? I’d have to return them? Not the end of the world. In summary the reviews were all over the place – some said they were cute and comfy, some said they were more of a blush tone than they expected, some said they were uncomfortable (you get the point). When I got them in I was still a little unsure but I’ve now worn them a couple days, alllll day long, and out to the bar one night and I fall in love with them more and more every day! I’m actually considering ordering the black ones since I’ve already gotten so much use out of these ones!

J. Crew Lace-Up Suede Sandals

Carrson Sandal

PRICE: $89.95
COLOR OPTIONS: Blue Suede, Mauve Suede, Blush Satin, Blue, & 9 others!

I’m sorry you guys have to see these shoes again but I just love them so much! Steve Madden has so many shoe options that are great for any occasion and come in so many amazing colors, and these shoes are just that! I also own the black suede version and I am constantly rotating between the two! The taupe is my favorite of the two colors because it looks beautiful on any skin tone and matches just about everything. The heel height hasn’t posed *too* much of a problem yet and I’m going to keep on wearing these babies till the soles wear out.

Last Seen: Floral Dot Peplum

Steve Madden Carrson Sandals

Estoria Sandal

PRICE: $79.95
COLOR OPTIONS: Cognac, Black

I’ve been searching for a good cognac wear-everywhere sandal for a year or so now and haven’t had any luck. I really wanted something that I could transition from work, to happy hour, and even to family events that actually looks good with everything. When I came across this pair a couple months ago, I thought they were *adorable* but didn’t really want to spend $80 on a pair of sandals from DSW. Am I the only one who can’t justify spending more than $50 on shoes from places like TJMaxx, DSW, and Marshalls? Well, I finally decided to just order them and I’m so happy I did! Although I got a couple blisters the first time I commuted in them (in my defense it was the first time I ever wore them, too), I am still very glad I have them. If you are looking for a sandal for similar reasons, I definitely recommend this pair! Just don’t commute in them the first time you wear them 😉

Steve Madden Estoria Sandal

There are a couple other pairs I’ve been wearing on repeat lately, like the pair in this post and these booties, but I’ll be wearing them less and less as the heat stays with us. I definitely recommend both pairs of you’ll be traveling any time soon! All of these sandals, wedges, and heels all run TTS!

What neutral shoes will you be reaching for this summer?



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  1. 6.14.17
    Sally said:

    I LOVE this post, Rachel!!! I just ordered the Marc Fisher wedges and I am BEYOND excited to try them on!!!!

    Sweetly, Sally //

    • 6.15.17
      Rachel said:

      You’re going to love them!!!

  2. 6.14.17
    Stesha said:

    you can never go wrong with too many pairs of natural colored shoes! Love these all!


    • 6.15.17
      Rachel said:

      I totally agree!!

  3. 6.14.17

    Love all these options! I was just saying I need some good heeled summer sandals!

    • 6.17.17
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Laura!

  4. 6.14.17
    Chloe said:

    Your neutral shoe collection is so cute! I would definitely wear all of these styles! 🙂

    xo, Chloe //

  5. 6.14.17

    Love love love all of your summery shoe picks!!! So many cute finds. xoxo

    • 6.15.17
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Jessica!!!

  6. 6.15.17
    Annie said:

    I love ALL of these! I only buy neutral shoes haha they go with everything!

    • 6.17.17
      Rachel said:

      They’re the best way to go!

  7. 6.15.17
    Jenna Colgrove said:

    I’ll take one of each please!!

    • 6.17.17
      Rachel said:


  8. 6.15.17
    Taylor said:

    I want ALL of these! Too many gorgeous ones to choose from, so why choose!? 🙂

    xo, Taylor (

    • 6.15.17
      Rachel said:

      YAS GURL!

  9. 6.15.17

    A fellow shoe-lover! I can’t decide which ones are my favorite. Maybe the J.Crew lace-ups!

    • 6.15.17
      Rachel said:

      I feel you girl! I’ve been wearing the lace ups all week – so practical and cute!

  10. 6.15.17
    Emily said:

    So many cute shoes! I love the J.Crew ones!

    • 6.17.17
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Emily! They’re so comfy!

  11. 6.16.17

    neutral shoe obsessed over here, too… can’t get enough because they go with EVERYTHING

    • 6.17.17
      Rachel said:


  12. 6.16.17
    Samantha said:

    You and I might share the same brain lol.. All of my shoes are blush, nude, brown or tan! It make it so much easier for packing on trips and they go with everything! I love the first pair!! Xoxo

    • 6.17.17
      Rachel said:

      Yes!! So true.

  13. 6.16.17
    sydney said:

    Uh I just love shoes, I think every pair belongs in my closet!

    • 6.17.17
      Rachel said:

      Shoes are just the best, right!?

  14. 6.19.17
    Jessica said:

    How gorgeous are these? I love the block heeled ones!!

    Jessica |

  15. 6.19.17
    Nina said:

    You can never go wrong with a neutral!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog