Nashville Travel Diary

This post has been a long time coming…. I have been back from Nashville for *cough* 3 months *cough*. Our girls trip was pretty short – Wednesday night to Saturday morning, but it was such a blast. We got to do a handful of “touristy” things, drank too much, and took in the city as much as we could.

Where We Stayed

Noelle Nashville Room Cards

outfit details: top, jeans, sandals


200 Fourth Avenue North

We opted to stay at Noelle, which is just two blocks from Broadway, which was amazing! Check out my full review, here. If you’re taking a trip with your significant other or a girls trip, I highly recommend the hotel. The staff is great, there’s so much to see and explore right on the property, there’s so much history, and it’s easy to get around.

Where We Ate & Drank

The Frothy Monkey
235 Fifth Avenue North

We stopped at The Frothy Monkey for breakfast our first morning in Nashville and it was so. stinkin. good. I opted for a breakfast sandwich (bacon egg and cheese, of course!) but they had a bunch of other options that looked delicious.

Milk & Honey Nashville

Milk & Honey Interior Nashville

Milk & Honey
214 11th Avenue South

While we were in The Gulch, we stopped into Milk & Honey for a bite to eat and a few drinks before heading back to the hotel. I do have to say that our drinks (champagne mojito for me!) and food was good BUT the service was very poor so I was low key resenting the decision to go eat there in the first place. With that being said, I would 100% go back and give it a second chance, but will make sure I don’t have anywhere to be after just in case!

Makeready Libations & Liberation
200 Fourth Avenue North

Makeready Libations & Liberation is in the basement level of the Noelle (can be accessed without going through the hotel) and the decor is amazing! The simple, beer hall-esque space was fun and lively. We stopped in on our first night in town and had a few drinks and shared a cheese platter before making moves to the speakeasy. The menu is available online and I am currently drooling.

Wildhorse Saloon
120 Second Avenue North

Known for being a tourist trap, I actually 100% loved the experience. There was line dance lessons (I watched from my seat while I enjoyed a drink), the waitstaff was so nice, and the food was delicious! I opted for the pimento cheese to start (YUM!) and BBQ Burger for my meal.

Honky Tonk Central
329 Broadway

Okay, let’s be honest – all I did at Honky Tonk Central was drink alcohol and dance. Okay, there was one stop during the day that I got mozzarella sticks and fried pickles to pick at. No matter what time of the day you go, the balcony on the second floor gives a great view of Broadway if you’re trying to get a good picture!

Cerveza Jack’s
135 Second Avenue North

Paige and I spent a decent amount of time in Cerveza Jack’s after our dinner at Wildhorse Saloon. The live music is incredible, the people are awesome, and the drinks are good!

What We Did

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social
33 Peabody Street

Our first full day in Nashville was pretty crappy out until late afternoon, so we started the day off exploring the city and one if our stops along the way was Pinewood Social for a few drinks and bowling, and let me tell you – it did not disappoint. Although bowling isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of things to do when they visit a new city, take a trip to Pinewood was worth it. I also must say, I suck at bowling but I love it (Paige was sooo ready to go haha).

P.S. Order the house-made chips and sour cream and onion dip!

The Gulch

The Gulch honestly wasn’t even on my list (okay, spreadsheet) of things I wanted to do while in Nashville but our sweet Uber driver highly recommended we take a trip down if we had time, and I’m sure glad we did!

Made up of a bunch of restaurants, boutiques, and even some more well-known stores (Urban Outfitters, Loft, etc.) And is actually where Milk & Honey is! If you’re looking to avoid the downtown Nashville scene and want to venture out along the outskirts of the city, I highly recommend staying in The Gulch at the Thompson Nashville. Apparently, the rooftop bar has amazing views of the city!

Country Music Hall of Fame
222 Fifth Avenue South

Also not on my list of things to do, Paige and I ended up ducking into the County Music Hall of Fame because it started to DOWNPOUR on our walk back to our hotel (I was not a happy camper, at all) and didn’t have an umbrella! If I remember correctly, Paige was planning on going here anyways, but the timing ended up being perfect.

It was so fun (and interesting) to see all of the displays in the museum, from the limo Elvis drove in to the entire Shania Twain display. Obviously the Shania display with hands down my favorite part. If you’re a Taylor Swift fan (I’m not and avoided everything Swift related), there’s a huge section for her inside of the museum as well!

Johnny Cash Museum

The Johnny Cash Museum
119 Third Avenue South

I am not a huge fan of Johnny Cash, but this museum was my favorite – it was small, intimate, and realllllyyy pulled at the heart strings. Being so close to his belongings and learning more about his life was eye-opening.

Tennessee State Capitol
600 Charlotte Avenue

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park
600 James Robertson Parkway

Pedestrian Bridge Nashville

outfit details: suede jacket, tee, jeans, booties, crossbody (on sale!)


John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

The pedestrian bridge was super cool! Such a great spot to take photos whether they be on the bridge or ones of the city. If the weather is nice, walk on over! It’s super close to the Johnny Cash Museum, too.

Nashville Farmers’ Market
900 Rosa L Parks Boulevard

The Nashville Farmers’ Market was also a recommendation and kind of reminded me of the Reading Terminal Market in Philly (check out my Philly Travel diary here), but much smaller. We walked around a bit but it was still early in the season (and a weekday) so there wasn’t much action going on!

There’s so much I still want to see and do in Nashville – Hattie B’s, Biscuit Love, the Parthenon… just to name a few. I’m hoping to get back down to Nashville come fall, but we’ll see!

Have you been to Nashville? What’re your favorite things to see/eat/do there?

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  1. 5.31.18

    It looks like you had such a fun time! I want to visit there so bad!

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      It was a blast! You have to get down there ASAP!

  2. 5.31.18
    CAthy said:

    This looks like such a fun trip! You’ve inspired me to plan a trip to Nashville so I can check these places out!


    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      So, so fun! I hope you can get down there soon!

  3. 5.31.18

    What an amazing time! I hope if you to Milk & Honey again it’s a better experience! The hotel you stayed at looks amazing! That pedestrian bridge looks like a great photo spot!

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      I’m 100% going to give it a second chance, but we’ll see!

  4. 5.31.18
    Hillory said:

    Omg I’ve never been to Nashville before, but this definitely made me want to go! Love all of your pictures girly!



    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      You haveee to go! You’ll love it!

  5. 5.31.18
    Amandalyn said:

    I love Nashville! Thanks for putting together this guide. I hope you had the best time!

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      It was amazing!

  6. 5.31.18
    Kim said:

    Ahh I love Nashville so much! I will have to look at this on my next trip back and visit some of your favorites.


    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      It’s such a great place to visit!

  7. 5.31.18
    Anna English said:

    I’ve been dying to check out Nashville! Totally saving this post for the future.

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      It’s such a great place! So much to do and see.

  8. 5.31.18
    Megan said:

    I love Nashville and the Frothy Monkey is one of my faves. I can’t wait to go back again soon. Have to check out some of these other spots. xo ~ Megan

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      Frothy Monkey was DELIC!

  9. 6.1.18
    maggie said:

    Nashville is one of my favorite cities! Will have to stay here one day!

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      Add it to your list! It’s such a great place to stay.

  10. 6.1.18

    I absolutely LOVE Nashville! We went to the pinewood social and the Country Music Hall of Fame of course! Did you get to try Biscuit Love?! It was a 3 hr wait when we tried to go.

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      I didn’t end up having a chance to go, maybe next time!

  11. 6.1.18
    Narhee said:

    Love the photos! Especially the one on the bridge (:

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Narhee!

  12. 6.2.18
    Azanique said:

    I have never been to Nashville but would love to visit! Your hotel was gorgeous 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      You have to go, it’s amazing! So much to see and do.

  13. 6.4.18

    How perfect! I’m heading back to Nashville in a few weeks! Just what I needed to read!

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      Can’t wait to see your pictures!

  14. 6.5.18
    Jessica said:

    Looks like you had an amazing time! I have always wanted to go to Nashville. Definitely bookmarking this for the future!
    xo Jessica

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      It was soo fun! I ended up getting super cheap flights via Jet Blue’s flash sales – totalllly worth it!

  15. 6.7.18
    Lindsay said:

    I was actually in Nashville a few months ago also and had the best time. We ate at Pinewood Social too, such a great spot!

    • 6.21.18
      Rachel said:

      It’s such a fun city, isn’t it?!