My Skincare Routine with Maelove

my maelove skincare routine

I’ve struggled with acne for what feels like forever but over the last few years my skin has finally cleared up and I’m finally feeling confident enough to start trying new products and switching up my routine. One of the skincare brands I’ve recently tried is Maelove. Founded by a group of friends with the goal of creating luxury products without the luxury price tag, and with a streamlined approach, they’ve done just that.

Since I’ve started using Maelove products (I promise I’ll give you all the deets on what I’ve been using!), my skin has *never* looked better. I think I’ve had one small break out in the last few weeks (this seriously never happens!), my skin is so smooth, and I’ve never been so glowy. And that’s the goal, right? Smooth, glowy skin?

maelove skincare

The Maelove Standard

With products designed to be impactful and highly potent, they actually make a difference you can see. Like I said, smooth, glowing skin! Maelove partners with some of the most respected cosmetic labs, and they are all FDA-registered for approval of over-the-counter formulation manufacturing, which gives me pieces of mind that my the affordable products are well made! 

Every Maelove product is also vegan and cruelty-free, as well as gluten-free, and are formulated without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, and fragrances. What does this mean exactly? Maelove products are clean, are sensitive-skin friendly, and they don’t use any ingredients that are banned in the US or EU.

My Skincare Routine with Maelove

Am I the only one that loves seeing other people’s skincare routines, or are you just as nosey as I am? I now have six Maelove products in my rotation and each of them are better than the last. Here’s a look at my routine.

Step 1: The Refresher

The first step in my skincare routine (and it should be the first step in yours, too!) is washing my face.

Maelove’s Refresher is a triple AHA skin cleanser made with lactic, malic, and tartaric acid, which cleans and revitalizes the skin. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use daily.

Note: If you double cleanse, The Refresher will be step two in your skincare routine!

When it comes to cleansers, I’m really not too picky. With that being said, I do like a cleanser that foams nicely, leaves my skin feeling refreshed (and not dry!). This cleanser does just that and the peppermint and spearmint oil leaves my skin feeling cool and energized.

maelove skincare review

Step 2: The Eye Enhancer

I am ashamed to say that I only started using eye cream within the last year or two (I know, I know) – but thankfully I’ve come around and now it’s one of my favorite steps in my skincare routine. I’ve been trying a lot of different eye creams lately and haven’t necessarily found one that I loved, until now.

Out of all the eye creams I’ve tried, they’ve been just that – creams. Maelove’s Eye Enhancer is the first concentrated serum I’ve used and wowowowow it is SO good.

Some of the ingredients in The Eye Enhancer include a triple blend of peptides, coffee seed extract, chamomile, and evening primrose, all of which work together to help improve the tone, texture, and radiance around your eyes. While I don’t often get bags or dark circles, I definitely look much more awake when I use this serum!

the best maelove skincare products
maelove oils review

Step 3: Serums

There was a time that I thought serums and oils would break me out but newsflash: I was wrong.

AM Routine: In the mornings, I use Maelove’s Vitamin C serum, The Glow Maker. For under $30, it’s not only a steal but works SO well. The key ingredients are Vitamin C and E, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, aloe, and grape seed extract, which leave your skin so bright and glowy.

A few things to note –

  • If you’re using a Vitamin C serum for the first time, start off using it once a day a few days a week and once your skin adjusts, you can start using it daily (1-2 times per day, but I just use it in the AM.
  • The Glow Maker does oxidize pretty quickly, which is probably the only con of the product. You can still use it as the color changes, but once it gets dark, you’ll want to open a new bottle!
  • When using The Glower Maker (or any Vitamin C) in the morning, you absolutely need to pair it with an SPF to protect against the sun.
maelove vitamin c and retinol

PM Routine: In the evenings, I use Maelove’s Stargaze Serum, an enhanced retinol serum – perfect for beginners! This was actually my first time using a retinol so I was a little nervous but since it’s formulated for beginners and is good for all skin types, I didn’t experience any of the negative side effects of retinol (dryness, irritation, redness).

When I first started using Stargaze, I was used it every 2-3 nights but after a few weeks switched to every night. It’s super hydrating and is formulated with 0.25% time released retinol, hyaluronic acid, aloe, grape and white team extract, plus a few other ingredients, that give you fast results.

the best moisturizer

Step 4: Moisturizer

After applying my serums, I apply a moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and to help lock in all of the products I’m using. At night, I use Maelove’s The Night Renewer.

The Night Renewer is a glycolic acid cream made with 10% medical grade glycolic acid, vitamin E, squalane (my favorite!), shea butter, arnica flower, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. It’s formulated to deliver similar results as a retinol, but much more gentle.

I was a little nervous to try this cream only because if there is one product that breaks my skin out, it’s moisturizer.

But alas, this one did not break out my skin (thank god!!), but I did start using it only 2-3 days a week to give my skin time to get used to it and help avoid any breakouts.

I love how creamy this moisturizer is, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated but doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy.

maelove moisturizer review

Step 5: Oils

Out of all the Maelove products, I was most intrigued by the Love 31 face oil. It’s decadent, rich, and ultra moisturizing. I use it as my last step in my nightly skincare routine to help lock in all of my other products, and man on man – is there any better feeling than going to sleep with your skin feeling moisturized and layered with all of your favorite products? (Rhetorical question: the answer is obviously no)

Derived from vitis vinifera (a type of grape vine), cannabis sativa, jojoba, rose, argan, hazelnut and baobab, the Love 31 face oil is great for all skin types. If you have dryer skin, I recommend using it in the morning after your moisturizer but before your SPF, and as the last step in your skincare routine if you have any other skin type.

The Maelove Products I’m Dying to Try

It’s safe to say that Maelove skincare is here to stay in my routine. I’ve only just started exploring the products that Maelove offers and there are so many more I can’t wait to try. Starting with..

  • The One Cream – As I mentioned, I’m always nervous to try new moisturizers but I was so impressed by The Night Renewer that I am now dying to try The One Cream. The main ingredient is squalane, which is one of my favorite skincare ingredients.
  • Sun Protector SPF 30 – Sunscreen is crucial in any skincare routine and needs to be worn every day. The reviews on this zinc-based sunscreen are amazing and it’s not supposed to leave a white cast.
  • Super Smooth Serum – Since I have acne-prone skin, I’m always appreciative when skincare brands add products that are geared toward acne-prone skin to their line up. This one is one of Maelove’s newest products and it also has great reviews. *adds to cart*

This post is sponsored by Maelove. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Hello, Her possible!

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