My Must Have Products for Styling Shoulder Length Hair

My Must Have Products for Styling Shoulder Length Hair

My Must Have Products for Styling Shoulder Length Hair

My Must Have Products for Styling Shoulder Length Hair

Just in case you’re unaware (or if you’re new around here), I cut a million inches off of my hair and now it’s just about shoulder length! It’s been quite interesting learning how to style it and what products to use and that’s when I   realized – if I’m having these issues, some of you MUST be having these issues too, right? Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing a slue of posts on styling short hair (including step-by-step instructions) and I’m so excited about it! Even though there are a bunch of other products I use to style my hair, most of them depend on what I’m actually doing to my hair, so I wanted to start this little adventure with the products I always use to style my short hair (no matter how I style it!).

1. Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray

The Drybar’s hair products are in my top 3 of favorite hair products – they do what they say and they smell *amazing*. Since cutting my hair, I have realized how important it is to have a good sea salt spray and with previous experience with having this used in my hair (hellooooo blow outs!) at the salon, I would be stupid not to get this for home use!

I apply the spritzer to damp hair before blow drying when I’m going to be curling my hair. The ingredients in it give your hair grit and texture but leaves your hair feeling soft, perfect for curls! You can also apply it after you style your hair for extra grit!

2. Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1

A long time love of mine, the triple sec 3-in-1 spray is perfect for creating volume, texture, and body. The great thing about this product is you don’t have to be sparse when applying it, go crazy girl!! It also refreshes your hair like a dry shampoo so you can extend the life of your blowout. Holllaaaaaaa.

3. Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

This is one of the newest products to my rotation and I decided to purchase the smaller size bottle just in case I wasn’t impressed – but jokes on me!! I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as too much volume and this volumizing spray gives you *all* the volume. Unlike the Triple Sec 3-in-1, you are going to want to apply this product sparingly because it gives you all the volume you need the first time around.

4. Kristin Ess Depth Defining Water Based Pomade

I 100% think that Kristin Ess is a hair goddess and I have been raving about her products for Target since they came out. I always put some sort of finishing serum in my hair after I finish styling it and this pomade has become a life saver to my short hair.

Perfect for all hair types, apply a pea size amount to your palms, warm it up, and apply from the middle of your hair to roots for soft, full texture. It also has great hold, so if you’re some one who typically uses hairspray, you can skip the step and just use the pomade!

5. Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray

I see a trend – texture & volume. Hmmmmm. This texture spray is the best affordable option out there at the heart-fluttering price of $14. Unlike some other texture sprays out there, this one leaves your hair soft and workable (obviiiii) so if you need to make touch-ups it’s still possible! Depending on the look I’m going for, I switch between this guy and the Drybar Triple Sec spray. My go-to for casual, run around town hair! It’s also super buildable!

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  1. 4.27.17
    Sara said:

    I’ve been hearing such good things about the Triple Sec spray and I’m totally going to try it!

    xo, Sara

  2. 4.27.17
    Melissa said:

    I love DryBar products!! They really help my hair.

    xx, Melissa

  3. 4.27.17

    Love, love, love this post! I’m also a huge fan of the DryBar Triple Sec 3-in-1 spray for volume — it works wonders! x

  4. 4.27.17

    I am such a hair snob so I am so glad you shared these products love, they are the BEST.

    So good!

    • 5.1.17
      Rachel said:

      HAHA I LOVE IT!! They’re all so good!

  5. 4.27.17
    Katie Ann said:

    I might have to try these out! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Katie Ann

    • 5.1.17
      Rachel said:

      You definitely should, they’re all amazing!

  6. 4.28.17
    Stefanie said:

    I love living proof! But I def need to try out your other picks 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  7. 4.29.17
    Stesha said:

    i love the living proof line, its amazing!


    • 5.1.17
      Rachel said:

      It’s AMAZING!

  8. 4.29.17

    I’ve used those Drybar products religiously for years but I’ve never tried the other ones – sounds like I need to give them a test run ASAP!

    • 5.1.17
      Rachel said:

      You gottaaa girl! I love them all!

  9. 4.29.17
    Lacey said:

    I have long hair and still love the triple sec! Such a good product!



    • 5.1.17
      Rachel said:

      It’s so good!

  10. 5.1.17
    Maggie said:

    I love that Living Proof spray!! It works wonders!

  11. 5.1.17
    Kristina said:

    I love the living proof volume blast but just got a sample of the triple sec from Sephora so excited to try that one out too!

    xo, Kristina

  12. 5.1.17

    Your hair always looks so good Rachel!! I definitely need to try out the products from The Dry Bar, I’ve heard they’re amazing!

    The Classic Brunette

    • 5.9.17
      Rachel said:

      Oh my gosh, Sami!! You’re the cutest!

  13. 5.3.17

    I’ve been dying to try the Kristin Ess line!

    • 5.9.17
      Rachel said:

      I’m totally obsessed with every product that she has!