May Beauty Favorites

May Beauty Favorites

May Beauty Favorites

May Beauty Favorites

May Beauty Favorites

May Beauty Favorites

May Beauty Favorites

Hello friends! It’s been a quick sec since I’ve posted on here – a little social media/blog detox if you will. With June just two days away (*gasp*), I figured it was the perfect time to fill you in on a few new (& a few old!) beauty products I’ve been loving this past month! If you’ve been around these parts long or if you follow me on social media, you know I stick to the same beauty and skincare products (basically) every day but I’ve been trying very hard to make it a point to try some new goodies as of late. If you dig this post, I’ll be sure to keep it going! I’m also thinking about doing a post about the products I’ve tried but *didn’t* love….. But, without further ado, my May beauty favorites:

  1. Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray – Are hair products even considered beauty products? Either way, I absolutely love this sea salt spray! I apply it before I blow dry my hair and it gives it the perfect amount of texture and grit for long-lasting curls. It’s the perfect weight and doesn’t weigh my hair down, which is awesome when I want extra volume! You can also apply it to your hair and let it air dry, but I’ve yet to try that out, so if you have – let me know how it worked out in the comments below!
  2. Hangover Replenishing Face Primer – I have combination skin but I tend to break out very easily so I take extreme caution when it comes to trying new concealer, foundation, and primers. I had been using the NYX Angel Veil primer but didn’t *love* it so I kind of gave up on primers for a bit there. Enter a recent run to Ulta and I’m hooked on this one! I use it every single day and it’s made with coconut water so it doesn’t break out my skin – hollllllaaaa.
  3. Lower Lash Mascara – I have zero idea why it took me so long to try this lower lash mascara – it’s seriously a game changer! If you’re one that tends to get mascara all over their face when applying to their lower lashes, you have to pick up a tube on your next Target run. And yes, it is worth every. single. penny.
  4. Born to Glow Illuminator – Up until linking products to this post, I thought this was the only size this illuminator came in…………… thank goodness it comes in a bigger size, I was going through it like crazy! If you’re challenged (like me) when it comes to highlighter – this product is for you. I apply it (with my beauty blender!) to the high point of my cheekbone, on the bridge of my nose, and under the arch of my eyebrow to get a natural looking glow for the days I’m feeling extra fancy.
  5. Liquid Lip Velvet (c/o) – I received these lip colors a few months back but haven’t been a whole lot of lipstick over the last couple months so they were seeing a lot of the bottom of my makeup bag. But, during May I told myself I would get back in the lip game and naturally reached for my favorite lip colors: bright plum and fawn rose. The lip velvets are the best because they are moisturizing, long lasting, and the colors are gorgeous!

What products have you been loving this month?



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  1. 5.30.17
    Chloe said:

    Ooo your favorites definitely look promissing! I’ve been wanting to try the NYX illuminator! And those Burberry lippie colors look so pretty!:)

    xo, Chloe //

    • 5.31.17
      Rachel said:

      The lip colors are so worth the money! I love the feeling of them and how they look!

  2. 5.30.17
    Shelby Back said:

    these products look amazing!


    • 6.13.17
      Rachel said:

      I highly recommend all of them!

  3. 5.30.17
    Molly said:

    I want some of that Mai Tai sea salt spray!

    • 5.31.17
      Rachel said:

      I love it!

  4. 5.30.17

    Love that liquid lip velvet rec – seems perfect 🙂 will check it out boo!

    • 6.13.17
      Rachel said:

      It is in my top 3 lip products right now! The feeling of it is amazing!

  5. 5.30.17

    The Too Faced primer is great- similar to my Marc Jacobs coconut primer that I use and love when I look for something more moisturizing. Those lippies look so pretty! I need to try!

    • 5.31.17
      Rachel said:

      I haven’t tried the Marc Jacobs coconut primer – I’ll have to pick it up on my next trip to Sephora!

  6. 5.31.17
    Lindsay said:

    These are all great finds!! I just ordered the sea salt spray!
    Lindsay | Sell Eat Love

    • 6.7.17
      Rachel said:

      You’ll love it!

  7. 6.1.17
    Deborah said:

    I’ve been using that NYX illuminator for two years and it’s consistently been my favorite! Great roundup of products! :]

    • 6.13.17
      Rachel said:

      I have no idea how I’m just now finding it! It’s the best!

  8. 6.2.17

    I really want to try some of these! I have been eyeing those Drybar products and need to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

    • 6.7.17
      Rachel said:

      They’re well worth the money! The dry shampoo, dry conditioner, and the Triple Sec are some of my other Dry Bar favorites!

  9. 6.2.17

    Ooh, I am so curious about that lower lash mascara! I really need to try out that sea salt spray… I’ve been on the hunt for one, but I haven’t purchased anything yet.

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    • 6.13.17
      Rachel said:

      This one is awesome! I even use it in my hair when I just let it air dry – let your hair dry almost all the way, spray some in, & scrunch it through your hair and work it into your roots!

  10. 6.5.17
    Kristina said:

    I have those Burberry lipsticks and absolutely LOVE them- the application is great and they’re not drying at all!

    xo, Kristina

    • 6.13.17
      Rachel said:

      They’re so worth the money! I’m going to order a few other colors ASAP!

  11. 6.6.17
    Jessica said:

    I’ve been dying to try that salt spray from drybar! I am always on the lookout for a good one!
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

    • 6.7.17
      Rachel said:

      It’s so good and it smells delicious!

  12. 6.6.17
    Sandy a la Mode said:

    I have to check some of these out! I love the Burberry shade – so pretty!!

  13. 6.7.17
    Emily said:

    thanks for sharing! i will definitely have to test some of these out

    xo Emily

    • 6.9.17
      Rachel said:

      They’re all so good!