Let’s Catch Up

Blogging has taken an extreme back seat as of late but I’m slowly dipping my toes back in. Let’s catch up!

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Hi friends! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through October and the holidays are right around the corner! Life’s been busy (isn’t it always?) and time has gotten away from me, so I figured it we needed to do a little catching up 😉

The 9-5

If you’re new around here (or just didn’t realize what I did Monday-Friday, 9-5) I work in search engine optimization, or SEO for short. With new responsibilities at work and 35+ clients, things have gotten pretty crazy! As I’m sure most of you know, staring at a computer screen all day and then coming home and staring at it some more can be draining so sometimes putting the blog on the back burner for the sake of my sanity (and eye balls) has to happen. We’re also in the process of hiring a couple new employees and moving to a new office space, so once that all happens things should slow down and be back to normal around these parts!

I’m also working on a few posts about my day job so if you have any questions or anything specific you’d like to see, let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email at rachel@hello-her.com.

Upcoming Travel

Chris and I will be heading to Chicago over Veteran’s Day Weekend (we’ll be there 11/9-11/12) to see Hamilton with his parents and family friends and I’m SO excited! We have our flights and hotel booked, but still need to figure out what we want to see, what we want to do, and where we want to eat. This will be my first time in Chicago and would love any and all recommendations!

Getting Back in Shape

I have definitely been (more than) slacking when it comes to exercising and eating healthy over the last couple weeks and I am very disappointed in myself. I’ve alwaya been petite and in shape, but love to treat myself to a glass of wine (ok, a bottle) and yummy treats any chance I get. With work being busy and my weekends jam packed with plans with friends and family, I’ve been putting my health and well being on the back burner and that’s not okay. As we head into the holiday season filled with even more eating and drinking, it’s time I get my ass back into the gym and be mindful of what I’m putting into my body.

Since Chris eats pretty healthy and we typically do our grocery shopping together, I’ve been forced into buying only healthy food. I’m also going to be giving intermittent fasting a try since everyone seems to be raving about it!

Apple Picking

My first fall activity is officially in the books! Chris and I headed up to Hampton Falls, NH a few weeks ago to do some apple picking and it was….. interesting. I have to admit, we went out for “brunch” (we didn’t get there until 2 PM) the day before which turned into an afternoon of eating and drinking around Boston with friends. All day I told Chris that if he was hungover tomorrow (aka for apple picking) I’d be pissed. Jokes on me. I’ve never been so hungover in my life and OF COURSE he still made me go apple picking. Go ahead, laugh at me.

Apple Farm at Apple Crest Farm

Apple Picking in Hampton Falls NH

We ended up having a great time (despite my hangover) and picked a shit load of apples. I’ve probably eaten my apples in the last week than I have in my entire life.

Other Random Shit

  • Cooking Class – I am heading up to the Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME (if you haven’t been, you need to go!) on Saturday for a cooking class with family and I can’t wait!
  • Head of the Charles Regatta – This weekend is the 54th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta! Since I’ll be in Maine on Saturday, I’m planning on heading over to walk around and enjoy the gorgeous weather before the Patriots game on Sunday.
  • Holiday shopping, content & parties – The holidays are right aroun the corner which means I’m in full planning mode. From holiday content for the blog and work/family holiday parties coming up, things are going to get hectic real fast so I’m starting to do all my planning, shopping, shooting now.
  • Reader survey – It’s that time again – reader survey time! I put together a very short survey that I would love for you guys to fill out so I can make sure that the content I am creating is content you actually want to see! Check it out here.

What I’m Shopping


Let’s catch up! What have you been up to lately? Do you have anything fun planned for fall?

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  1. 10.17.18
    Samantha said:

    Ah, I SO want to go apple picking! That sounds like so much fun. Gilt is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. Great menu & atmosphere!

  2. 10.18.18

    Chicago is one of my favorite cities EVER! You have to get deep dish pizza at Giordano’s, a scoop of ice cream at Jeni’s, and paella at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! Have fun!

    xo, brooke

  3. 10.18.18

    Looks like lots is going on and you are managing everything so well. Cooking class with family sounds so much fun.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  4. 10.18.18

    I have totally been slacking with my diet & exercise too – I blame the change of seasons!

  5. 10.19.18
    Em said:

    I have tried to stay on top of working out – but I hit a slump recently after being a bit sick! I can’t wait to go apple picking!

  6. 10.22.18
    Laura said:

    Going apple picking is high on my list of fall activities to do with my husband and son. I totally feel you about needing to take breaks every now and again. Your health and sanity will thank you for it!

    xo, Laura