Incorporating Color into Your Wardrobe

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When it comes to my personal style, I’ve always gravitated toward simple, classic pieces in neutral tones. Even as a child, I avoided anything with graphics, sequins, pockets on tops, and essentially any pattern other than stripes. What can I say? I am definitely a creature of habit! Although, over the last few months, I’ve really been pushing myself out of my style comfort zone and trying pieces that I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. For me, this has been opting for different silhouettes and more color. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe but it’s been the update my personal style has been needing. Getting dressed every day has become much more fun and exciting! If you’re a neutral loving girly like me but want to start incorporating color into your wardrobe and step out of your style comfort zone, I have you covered.

incorporating color into your wardrobe
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incorporating color into your wardrobe

Incorporating Color into Your Wardrobe

If you looked in my closet a year ago, you’d quickly notice that a majority of my clothing is black, navy, white, tan, and grey. These are my comfort colors; they make getting ready each day easy, when I travel I know I can mix and match everything I pack, and there’s just something about a neutral outfit that makes me feel so in control.

After a pre-Christmas shopping trip and trying on a bright pink sweater at J.Crew (I didn’t purchase it but also couldn’t stop thinking about it and ended up receiving it as a Christmas gift!), I started opening up to the idea of more color in my wardrobe. Now this isn’t to say that I’m not buying neutrals anymore because I most certainly am, but I’m also not immediately saying no to pieces that are more colorful when I am shopping. Fast forward to now. If you were to look in my closet at this very moment, you’ll not only find a lot of neutrals, but you’ll also find a nice chunk of bright colors (yes, even in the winter months!).

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As your start incorporating color into your wardrobe, you don’t need to go crazy and only buy items that are considered colorful. Instead, take a step back and work on color mixing so you can incorporate the pop of color into your everyday style!

Redefine What You Consider Neutral

While black, navy, grey, white, and tan are often considered neutral colors because of their earthy tones, the real key to incorporating color into your wardrobe is to redefine this idea of “neutral.” Colors like green, pink, and mustard are all colors that easily be incorporated into an otherwise “neutral” wardrobe. They help you shake up your wardrobe without feeling like you’re jumping right in. It’s also important to remember that colors don’t have to be bright either. You can opt for pieces in pastel or muted tones that are outside of those earthy colors and they’ll pair perfectly with your neutral wardrobe!

Dip Your Toes in Slowly

Prior to receiving my beloved pink sweater, I started incorporating color into my wardrobe very slowly. Instead of painting my nails a neutral color, I opted for a fun purple (this one is a favorite!) and I incorporated colorful accessories into my rotation. This helped make me feel a little more confident in this new colorful era I was slowly entering into.

Opt for Classic Pieces in a Fun Color

Incorporating color into your wardrobe can feel overwhelming, I get it! To create a wardrobe that still feels like you, even with more color, opt for classic pieces that you would normally wear, just in a statement hue instead of a neutral one. That’s exactly what I did with this sweater (c/o); the silhouette is one that I would wear no matter what color it was. If I was still avoiding color like I used to do, I probably would have ordered it in white or grey, but the red is so fun! Paired with my favorite natural pieces, the red sweater gives my outfit a fun pop of color that leaves me feeling like a more colorful version of myself.

Colorful Pieces to Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

Whether you’re feeling bold and want to jump right into a colorful wardrobe or want to take things slow, I’ve found some fun colorful pieces that are sure to make an impact on your personal style. From everyday basics like sweaters, blouses, and dresses to fun accessories, these pieces absolutely need a place in your wardrobe.

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