I Gave Up Shopping for 30 Days & Here’s What Happened

Madewell Tank & Casual Jeans

the details: tankdenim, heelssunglassespursewatch, necklace (old, TJMaxx)

Cotton Tank & Casual Jeans

Cotton Tank & Casual Jeans

Cotton Tank & Casual Jeans

Cotton Tank & Casual Jeans

Cotton Tank & Casual Jeans

Cotton Tank & Casual Jeans

Cotton Tank & Casual Jeans

I am *very* irresponsible with my money. Fingers crossed my future husband is good with his because if not, we’re royally screwed. I have always loved shopping, it gives me something to do when the weather is crappy and it gives me something to do when I sure has hell should be doing something a little more productive.

So, I decided to give up shopping for 30 days.

This isn’t the first time I attempted to go a full month without shopping, the first time I tried I broke down on day 3. Pathetic. This time around it was a little easier because I had/have a couple big bills coming up (car insurance, car repairs, etc.) so not only would I be proving to myself that I could go without shopping for 30 days but I was also able to put a little extra money away to pay for said bills. I allowed myself to still purchase beauty items (only the necessities, no “fun” purchases) and my skin care products, along with any other items I needed on a day to day (coffee). What I couldn’t buy: clothing, shoes, accessories. So what did I learn over the last month?

I learned to shop my own closet.

How many times have you gone to get dressed for the day and said “ugh, I have nothing to wear”? More times than you can even remember, right? This is basically me all. the. time. With no new pieces entering my wardrobe I was basically forced to re-love older pieces that have found their way to the back of my closet and probably haven’t seen light in 6 months. I also realized which pieces I really never wear so now I can donate those! It’s a win-win.

I saved more money.

Duh. Clothes cost money, and the cost adds up pretty fast. Instead of spending that money on other things, I put what I typically spend on clothes into my savings account and guess what? It was an extra couple hundred dollars! Even though I am bound to shop again (hellllooo fall fashion!), I will definitely be making it a point to not shop every single pay check and put that extra money away into my savings account!

Spending money doesn’t make you happier.

This should be a no-brainer, but I had this horrible habit of buying myself something special on those harder days to cheer myself up. I’m sure I’ll do this in the future because, treat yo self, but I realized that just because you’re having a bad day and a little something cheered you up, doesn’t mean it was because you spent money. It’s because you did something for yourself. It’s because you took the time to appreciate yourself and your hard work. Whether you spent $100 or $0, it’s the self-appreciation that makes you happier.

Confidence in yourself is believing in yourself.

Throughout the different seasons of my life, I’ve had highs and lows with how I perceive myself, and my body. I’m going to be very frank with you – there are some days that I wake up and I feel hideous in everything that I put on and feel like I have failed myself and my body. But the cellulite, the muffin tops (I should probably call them something a little nicer), and my thighs rubbing together remind me that I am human. I am not perfect. No one is. Embracing these imperfections is going to make a world of difference. Believe in yourself and believe in your body. Without it, you wouldn’t exist. Feeling confident in what you wear (whether that be new pieces or old pieces) is important, but remember, at the end of the day you will be taking those clothing items off and it’ll just be you, and your body. Love yourself, love your body, be confident.  

Have you ever given up something you love for 30 days? What did you learn from it?


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  1. 8.15.17
    Anna English said:

    Saving money is key right now. Totally doing this!

  2. 8.15.17
    Kate said:

    Ahh good for you! I need to try that, ha! And such a cute look lady!

  3. 8.15.17
    Nataly said:

    This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing girl! I need to try this asap!

  4. 8.15.17
    Stephanie said:

    This is a great challenge to try for us shopaholics. I’m always on a super strict budget, so I feel like this is me 90% of the time, but I still find myself buying a cute top or pair of shoes now and again haha!

  5. 8.15.17

    Great post. I’ve also done shopping diet for a month, Lent, etc. Maybe I’ll go sans shopping for the remainder of August.

  6. 8.15.17
    Ashley said:

    I love this! I really need to cut down on the shopping until Christmas, I go into these shopping sprees and can’t seem to stop. I should feel more confident shopping my own closet, no amount of cute clothes are going to make me more confident.

  7. 8.15.17
    Laura Leigh said:

    Love this gal! I’ve been thinking of doing this and think I will for September. Create a capsule wardrobe maybe. Thanks for sharing!!

    xo Laura Leigh

  8. 8.15.17
    Annie said:

    Yes- love this post! I really need to consider doing this!

  9. 8.15.17

    This is a great post! I recently canceled subscriptions or something similar and saved over $150! Crazy! I did a no shop month last year, and I shopped ONCE, only because I had a gift card and coupon, so I really didn’t count it lol.

  10. 8.16.17
    Ashley DTKAustin said:

    I seriously LOVE not shopping and spending money. It’s so refreshing!

  11. 8.16.17

    Such a great perspective, I fall victim of “scrolling” and adding to my cart when I’m bored or in between meetings – its soo bad! I can definitely take a page from your book and try a 30-day break!

    Birdie Shoots

  12. 8.16.17
    Caitlin said:

    You go girl! I did this last September and it was a lot tougher than I care to admit. It definitely helps when saving money though!

  13. 8.16.17

    major props to you for making it through the 30 days… that would be hard for me, too!!

  14. 8.18.17
    Shannon said:

    Oh I relate to this post all too much! I really need to do this challenge…maybe next month? I can only imagine the good things that would come from it!

    Clothes & Quotes

  15. 9.8.17

    Girl, this is inspiring! I need to try it!

    Xx Taylor

  16. 9.28.17
    Hillary said:

    I SO need to do this! I have been buying so much lately – hello #NSale and every other sale right now – and literally am running out of room in my room/closet. I’m making a pact with myself to do this! Thanks for the inspiration!