How to Transition Your Bike Shorts into Fall

How to Transition Your Bike Shorts into Fall

Fall is officially here which means before long, our beloved bike shorts will be put away for the season (or simply enjoyed from the comfort of our homes). I was a late bloomer when it came to the bike short trend but now that I’ve dipped my toes in, I’m obsessed. Knowing that the days of wearing my bike shorts are coming to an end, I’ve been looking for new ways to wear them for the cool weather.

Outside of the sporadic workout class, I only wear my bike shorts when I’m walking the dog, running errands, or going to the farmer’s market. If that means an impromptu brunch, fine. But as a rule of thumb, I don’t go out of my way to wear my bike shorts as a way to get “dressed” for the day when I have set plans with a friend that deserves a little more effort on my end. For all other activities, yes, I will be wearing my bike shorts and with a comfy pair of sneakers no less.

How to Transition Your Bike Shorts into Fall
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When it comes to bike shorts, I always lean into the athleisure vibe versus making them feel dressier with more polished pieces. At the end of the day, bike shorts are meant to be worn in an athletic capacity; they’re comfy and I don’t find a need to elevate them with a blazer (although it does look cute on people but they do not look cute styled like this on me).

If you’re looking for an easy way to transition your bike shorts into fall, look no further. I got you.

How to Transition Your Bike Shorts into Fall

When it comes to transitioning your bike shorts into the cooler months, the name of the game is going to be oversized layers. Think early 90s Princess Diana. We’re talking oversized sweatshirts, oversized sweaters/cardigans, and oversized button-ups. With the fitted style of bike shorts, balancing it out with more oversized pieces will give your bike shorts the casual (but chic!) vibe that they deserve. These layers will also keep you warm and lengthen your bike short days well into fall!

Oversized Layers to Pair with Your Bike Shorts:

Lululemon Wunder Train Bike Shorts Review

I avoided bike shorts for the longest time simply because I didn’t think they’d look good on me and wow, I couldn’t be more wrong. Since I am a Lululemon girly through and through, I figured I’d give their bike shorts a try. A lot of people were raving about the align bike shorts so I started with those in the 4″ since my legs are on the shorter size and while I liked them, I didn’t love them. I found that they were a little thing for my liking and weren’t super supportive. I didn’t want to give up though so next up, I tried the wunder train shorts since this is my go-to legging style and I love them!

Available Lengths

The Lululemon Wunder Train Shorts come in three lengths: 4, 6, and 8 inches. I ordered them in both 4 and 6 inches and while I kept both, I wear the 6 inches out and about (and while working out!) and reserve the 4-inch ones for lounging around the apartment and sleeping.


For sizing, I recommend going with your regular Lululemon legging/bottom size for the shorts unless you’re curvier! I wear a size 6 in the wunder under leggings but I sized up to an 8 in the wunder train shorts to avoid the band around my legging from being too tight. Even though I sized up, they still fit really well in the waist, and I don’t find myself pulling them up constantly.

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