How to Style Wide-Leg Pants for Summer

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One of my absolute favorite style trends over the last few years has been the trouser. They’re simple, they’re chic, they’re easy to style. But above all, they are comfortable. In the mood to wear pants but don’t want to deal with stiff denim? Wear trousers! Need to look put together for work but want to be comfortable sitting all day? Wear trousers!

No matter what is on your schedule for the day, trousers are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your rotation but this wasn’t always the case. For many years, trousers were considered work clothing and most people only wore their trousers when going into the office, at meetings, or attending conferences. The fabrics were stiff and the silhouettes made them feel even stuffier. Thankfully, this has changed over the years and there are now so many colors, cuts, and styles to pick from. Whether you’re looking for a pair that are more traditional and better suited for the office or a cropped pair with a fun pattern for summer, there’s truly a trouser out there for everyone. 

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One of my absolute favorite pairs are these wide-leg ones. They’re easy to style, perfect for summer, and oh-so-comfortable. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say they sat in my closet for a full year before ever wearing them. As with any new trend, it can be overwhelming to step outside of your comfort zone and wear clothing you previously wouldn’t gravitate towards and that’s exactly how I felt about these pants. With some trial and error, I’ve finally found ways that I love styling this pair of wide-leg pants, especially for summer, that I feel confident in. 

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How to Style Wide-Leg Pants for Summer

On summer days where I want to feel put together but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, a wide-leg trouser is my go-to. By pairing them with more casual pieces in my closet like a cotton tank, I instantly have a casual (but cool) everyday outfit. If you’re struggling to get the perfect balance of chic and sophisticated but casual, here are some tips for styling your wide-leg pants for summer. 

Be Conscious of Proportions

When it comes to styling your wide-leg pants, you’ll want to be conscious of how proportional the pieces look together. Since wide-leg pants have more fabric than a typical trouser, I typically opt for a fitted top like this ribbed tank or this cropped tee.

If you don’t want to go the fitted top route, I’m a sucker for pairing a good oversized button down (love this denim one and this cotton one) with my wide-leg trousers. To give the outfit some shape, be sure to tuck in the oversized top and finish it off with a cute belt.

Keep Your Shoes Casual

When it comes to dressing down your wide-leg pants and trousers, it’s all about the footwear. Wearing a shoe that has a heel will dress them up but if you’re trying to keep things casual, opt for a more casual shoe like a slide sandal or sneaker. This pair of sandals, these sneakers, and these platform sandals are all great options for looking put together while still leaning into the casual vibe.

Incorporate in Natural Textures

To avoid the office/corporate vibes, incorporate natural textures into your trouser outfit. For me, this usually is through handbags. There’s just something so chic about a great pair of trousers styled simply with a straw bag. Very chic and gives major European vacation vibes. If straw bags aren’t your thing, I can’t say enough good things about this rope tote bag. I love using it as an every bag but also use it as a beach bag!

Where to Shop for Trousers

There are so many stores that carry trousers, but my favorites are Z Supply, Reformation, Abercrombie, and Shopbop (the Favorite Daughter brand has so many good colors!).

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