How I Calmed My Mind with Meditation

Headspace Meditation App

Even as I write this blog post, I still can’t get over the fact that I started meditating. I know it’s a common thing, but slow paced activities (other than reading & watching Netflix…) often bore me so you could say I was surprised with myself when I decided to download Headspace. Even my mom was in disbelief. Maybe it’s because I used to fall asleep during meditation in high school but it’s been awhile and apparently you grow up a lot in six years (eek).

If you’ve never heard of Headspace, it’s a free app that guides you through meditation that helps you live a healthier, happier life. If you just read that sentence and almost vomited, it’s okay but I challenge you to give it a try. The first pack – basics – will walk you through the meditation process from how to sit, to breathing techqiues and what to focus on. Once you’ve completed the basics, you have to subscribe in order to have access to the rest of the basic packages and then there are a variety of other packages available for purchase depending on your needs (there are ones for stress & anxiety, pregnancy, emotions, and even packages for the workplace!).

How meditating has made a difference in my life:

I’m sleeping better.

I used to be a very heavy sleeper but as I’ve gotten older, that’s a distant memory. I don’t have many issues falling asleep (except when my brain decides to turn on when my head hits the pillow – who’s with me?) but moreso staying awake. I typically wake up 7-10 times every night, with at least 2-3 of those times being for long periods of time, and toss and turn a lot. A lot of it stems from stress and anxiety but either way, it’s frustrating. Headspace suggests meditating in the mornings but I’ve found that meditating before bed works best for me. The exercises help me turn my brain off and finally be able to relax, which has had a direct impact on my sleep. Although I’m still waking up a handful of times throughout the night, it’s not as frequent or for long periods of time.

I have a better handle on my anxiety.

I have an *extremely* hard time calming down, which isn’t always ideal – especially when I’m at work or in public and don’t have the privacy I do at home. Something I can do is pop my headphones in and take a moment to pull it all together. Since Headspace guides you through the meditations, it’s easier to forget about what’s going on around you and to actually focus on what’s being said. It takes some practice to get your mind to stop wondering during the few minutes of quiet bliss, so don’t give up! If you’re someone who prefers to handle your anxiety naturally and haven’t tried meditating yet, I highly recommend it. There’s even a Headspace package that’s specially for anxiety. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure it’s amazing!

I’m calmer.

Who. Would. Have. Thought. I’m always go go go and busy doing something (unless I’m incredibly tired, hungover, or cranky) but when I make it a point to meditate, I just feel calmer. I want to relax, I don’t feel guilty about not doing 74929472 things at once, and things don’t bother me as much. If you have difficulty calming down, it’s time to bring some meditation into your life!

Do you use Headspace or another way to meditate?

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  1. 11.17.17
    Caitlyn said:

    I went through a phase where I meditated every morning before work and I used the Calm app! I haven’t done it in months though.

  2. 11.20.17
    Samantha said:

    I’m like you, I’m go go go and slower activities tend to bore me. I can’t tell you how many times I tired yoga and left feeling like I needed to go run a mile! If you can do meditation, maybe I can too!

  3. 11.22.17
    Olivia said:

    I really need to get in the habit of meditating more often. Especially Sunday evenings before bed. I seem to always feel anxious about the upcoming work week so I will definitely download Headspace. There are so many different meditation apps it is difficult to find the ‘right’ one!