Holiday 2021: Gifts for Working From Home

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So many of us have been working from home for the last (almost) two years and will continue to work from home permanently. With so much time being spent at home at our desks, organization and tech tools are a great gift to give this season to help make the workday go smoother. Whether you’re shopping for your friend or a sibling, these gift ideas will be perfect, no matter what their work-life is like!

The Best Gifts for Working From Home

Cube Timer A great tool for managing time and being more productive, this cube timer is great for batching tasks and staying on track.

Wireless Charging & Accessory Tray Love this phone charger/accessory hybrid! With it’s low-profile, it’s great to have on a desk to charge your phone (no wires!) and keep items that are used frequently in arms reach.

Phone Stand Holder This is one of my favorite purchases for my desk space! I use it to charge my phone and utilize it when I’m doing Instagram Stories, Lives, etc. SO convenient!

Dash NotebookThere’s no such thing as too many notebooks, especially when you work from home.

Self-Cleaning Water BottleFrom home offices and coworking spaces to coffee shops, having a good water bottle is a must. This self-cleaning one is great for on the go thanks to its self-cleaning mode.

Arc Bluetooth Mouse Last year Chris asked for a “sleek” wireless mouse and I found this one! It folds flat when not in use, uses batteries, and is very sleek.

Desk Organization SetEveryone that works from home needs a good desk set up and this organization set will help anyone step up their desk game. Plus, the leather is chic and gives off “I know what the hell I’m doing” vibes.

Marble Computer StandHow chic is this computer stand?! Working on a laptop flat on a desk all day can start to hurt the wrists, never mind the fact it’s not the most flattering camera angle for video calls. This computer stand will help with posture, will give you a better camera ankle, and will clean up any desk space.

Gold Ballpoint Pens Everyone needs some good pens for work and these are it! Plus, they’re pretty.

Gold and Acrylic ScissorsEasy access to scissors when you work from home, no matter what industry you’re in, is crucial. You truly don’t know when you’ll need them and these ones are gorgeous!

Terrazzo ClockEvery office space needs a good clock and I love that this one can be styled on a desk or a shelf!

Daily Planner PadThere’s no better time than now to work on getting organized! This daily planner pad makes it easy to organize your day and stay on track.

Blue-Light Blocking GlassesFor those that are on their computers what seems like 24/7, these blue light-blocking glasses will help with focus, strain, and headaches.

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