Everything You Need for a Cozy Day In

The theme of the blog this week seems to be “stay in bed and don’t move all day” & I’m not mad about it.

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cozy day in bed

Raise your hand and wave it like you just don’t care, if you love a good ole fashion cozy day in.

*raises both hands proudly*

Winter might not officially be here but the cold temperatures, the gloomy days, and the short days, it mine as well will be. Since the last thing I want to do is to be outside freakin’ my buns off, most of my weekend activities are now centered around the indoors and avoiding the outside after dark. Can you blame me? With busy days spent at work and family commitments planned for pretty much every weekend until 2019, I’m taking advantage of any quiet time I have by spending it cozied up inside.

Cozy sweaters? Check. A stack of books to read? Check. Ten million throw blankets? Check and check.

cozy day In bed reading real simple

real simple magazine

If you’re like me, you take your cozy day in essentials very seriously, no matter who you’re spending the day with. Have plans this weekend? Cancel them. You now have a cozy day in planned instead.

Everything You Need for a Cozy Day In

1. Cozy Loungewear

If you don’t have any cozy loungewear to wear during your cozy day in (say that 5 times fast), I don’t how you’re even going to manage to get through the first 10 minutes of your day. I’m not gonna lie – I do love a good pair of cozy PJ’s but I am a leggings and chunky sweater or oversized t-shirt kind of gal when it comes to lounging around the apartment on the weekends. Yes, I do own pajamas but I reserve them for SLEEPING. This way, if I have to do something last minute/unexpected, I can just throw on a pair of sneaks and a cozy jacket and head out the door.

The coziest loungewear:


2. All of the reading materials

Is it just me, or is there something so magical about picking up a book and turning the page? If you don’t read books, I still feel this way even when I read magazines! SPEAKING OF. I had been hoarding a few magazines between my recent trip to Chicago and all of the amazing end-of-the-year content coming out that I desperately need to catch up on! This means I can have a cozy day party for one this weekend, right???

I’m currently working on my winter reading list and will have that up next week, but in the meantime, I will be reading Real Simple, Architectural Digest, Cosmo (duh), and the Restoration Hardware mag. Anyone else on a hard Real Simple kick? I mean, look at that flower arrangement!

3. Snacks, snacks, snacks

Hi my name is Rachel and I love snacks.

I get full very easily so small meals throughout the day are my jam, which means I snack a lot between meals because let’s face it: I can’t be eating three breakfasts, two lunches, and an early dinner while I’m at work. Fast forward to the weekends and my “cozy days in” and the snacking habit is still going strong. Plus, who doesn’t want a big ole bowl of popcorn while laying in bed all day watching movies???

Since I’m going to the Bahamas in five weeks, I’m trying to be better about my snacking but some of my favorite cozy day in snacks are grapes, popcorn, goldfish, and all the chocolate. Yummmm.

4. Candles

Okay super weird but if I’m already cozying up and de-stressing, I mine as well light a candle or two to make the experience that much better. I love all of the clean or cozy smells (i.e. cupcakes, because who doesn’t love cupcakes???).

Candles I’m loving:


What are your cozy day in essentials?

Photography By: Shade Made Creative

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  1. 12.7.18
    Candace said:

    1 and 3 are like winter commandments hahaha Great post!


    • 12.11.18
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Candace!

  2. 12.7.18
    Dawn said:

    I love my cozy days in!

    • 12.11.18
      Rachel said:

      Me too! They’re the best!

  3. 12.7.18
    Ada said:

    Cozy loungewear is a must! I basically live in it.

    • 12.11.18
      Rachel said:

      SAME GIRL, SAME! Love a good pair of cozy pants on a chilly day.

  4. 12.7.18
    Laura said:

    A cozy day in sounds amazing!! With a toddler it’s a bit different, not nearly as relaxing, but fun just the same!

    xo, Laura

    • 12.11.18
      Rachel said:

      Toddler cuddles are the best though!

  5. 12.10.18
    Nailil said:

    These are definitely cozy day essentials. I love that pillow in your first photo, it’s so cute.

    Xx, Nailil

    • 12.11.18
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Nailil! The best TJMaxx find – I think they’re by Cynthia Crowley!