Dining Space Inspo + Plans for Our Space

If you asked Chris or myself what we were most excited about in our new apartment, I guarantee you that we would both answer “being able to have a dining table to eat at.”

When we first started the hunt for an apartment back in 2019, we were looking for a September lease and if you’ve ever looked for an apartment in the city with a September lease, you know how competitive it is. We viewed roughly 20 units and I was so over it. They all looked the same. They were all small. They were all expensive. So, when we saw our last apartment, applied, and were approved we said yes – not even thinking about the logistics of the space.

Spoiler: We didn’t have space for a dining table that wouldn’t look weird and congested.

Now that we’re in a bigger space and have a designated “dining area,” we are SO excited to be able to have a dining table, host friends, and not have to eat off our coffee table. We already have our table set up, but I thought it would be fun to share some of the inspiration for our space and our plans while we finish the space! I’m hoping to get the space completed by early April and can’t wait to share it with you.

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The Inspiration for Our Dining Space

If you’ve caught a peek of our new apartment on Instagram Stories, you know our new space is filled with character (if you haven’t, peep my “home” highlight!). We’re in a loft space and there’s brick, natural wood, and lofted ceilings – it’s seriously such a dream! But, between being in a studio space (aka one giant room) and our more mid-century modern pieces, we really didn’t want to add too much more wood to the space so we decided we wanted to go the black dining table route and incorporate more traditional and modern farmhouse elements to the space to give it it’s own personality (but still have it flow into the rest of the space).

simple black dining table
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Our Design Plans

As you can see, there’s a lot of different elements that are inspiring us for our new dining space. Our plan is to incorporate these into one overall design and I’m SO excited. As I mentioned, we already have our dining table and chairs (which I’m PSYCHED about!) and are waiting for a few things to arrive, but I’m so excited to see how it all comes together.

Note: none of this is final other than the table/chairs!

Drum roll please….

My favorite part of our design plans is definitely the contrast in dark colors and neutral textures. It’s important to us to make our “dining room” feel like it’s own space while still flowing into the rest of our apartment since we are in a studio.

Our table and chairs came in last week and they’re all set up, which is SO exciting! It’s been nice to be able to sit down and have a meal at a real table versus eating off our coffee table, especially with the dog.

As of right now, our biggest “struggle” for the space is figuring out a bar cart/cabinet situation. We love the idea of a cabinet vs. cart so we can have more storage and not have to worry about how the bottles, glasses, and miscellaneous items are organized, plus I feel like a cabinet gives the space more of a “lived-in” feel. I’m really loving this one – the design and storage are amazing – but it’s expensive so we’ll see. I think once we get a rug and our lighting is taken care of, it’ll be easier to assess what type of piece we want in the space for all of our alcohol, glasses, and other random items.

So what do you think?!

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