Clean Beauty Brands to Try

clean beauty brands to try

To be honest, I’ve never cared whether the products I use every day were clean, I just cared about how they worked and how they made me feel. But over the years, I’ve definitely made it more of a priority to be more conscious of the products that I am using. This started my clean beauty journey and while I’m still learning, and am definitely still using products that aren’t “clean,” it’s been fun to try new-to-me brands! If you’ve been thinking about getting started with clean beauty and aren’t sure what products to pick up first, here are five clean beauty brands to try!

Clean Beauty Brands to Try


I’ve heard so many good things about Saie and it has started to make an appearance in my makeup bag over the last few weeks thanks to the minis at Sephora checkout. Launched in 2019, Saie not only is known for its clean beauty products but also for how well they work. Each product must meet the Feel Good Five criteria: conscious, luxurious, earth-minded, award-winning, and new, which I love.

If you want a full review of the brand, check out this post from my friend Jessica!

ilia beauty


When I first got started with clean beauty, ILIA was one of the first brands that I tried and was instantly hooked. A large majority of my makeup routine includes ILIA products but there are still so many products from the brand that I haven’t tried. ILIA is also available at several retailers including Sephora, Credo, and Ulta, making it easy to test the products in person before making a purchase. Not sure where to start? I can’t recommend their mascara enough!

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RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty has been around for what feels like forever but I hadn’t tried any of their products until recently and I’m so glad I did. Launched in 2009, RMS is known as one of the pioneers of the clean beauty movement and each product has the most beautiful pigment. I’ve been hooked on their powered blush as of late, but am dying to try the cream eyeshadows and cream foundation.


If you’re on Instagram, you are most likely already familiar with MERIT, a new-to-the-industry brand that takes a holistic approach with every product they create. This minimalist brand currently has 10 products part of its lineup which includes its first skincare product, Great Skin, and a blending brush. I’ve tried almost the entire MERIT lineup (I still need to try the serum and bronzing balm!) and love all of their products. They’re great for everyday wear and are easily blendable to create a no-makeup makeup look.

clean beauty brands

Ere Perez

Ere Perez was a brand I was introduced to through a gift-with-purchase promotion and have continued to use in my daily routine. This Australian beauty brand focuses on creating products that harness the power of plants and botanicals. Each product is formulated with superfood ingredients that revitalize the skin while also making you feel like your best self. Many of their products also have refills to eliminate waste.

My Favorite Clean Beauty Products

When it comes to getting started with clean beauty, I always recommend incorporating clean beauty products into your routine as you use up your current products. For me, this was trying a new mascara and slowly switching over face products. If you’re looking for specific products to try, here are some of my favorite clean beauty products that I use every day.

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