BB, CC, & DD Creams – What’s The Difference?

Ah, the wonderful world of beauty. Every year, the makeup industry comes out with new products meant to do new things that we’ve never seen before, but sometimes we get so caught up in all the fun new products that we don’t even know what they do. Take BB, CC, and DD creams for instance. What do they do and what’s the difference between the two? Today I’ll be breaking down for you what BB, CC, and DD creams actually are and what the difference is between them and foundation!

BB, CC, Foundation - What's The Difference?

BB, CC, and DD creams originally started to gain traction in Korea¬†but have since come stateside and women are loving them. They’re more light weight than a traditional foundation but doesn’t mean they’re not as good as a foundation.

BB Creams

BB stands for “beauty balm” and it is just that – a mix between a skincare and beauty product. They are a glorified tinted moisturizer that include benefits like anti-oxidents and SPF, and depending on the product they can help with anti-aging and acne (the list goes on). BB creams smooth and balance out your skin tone, contain anti-aging elements, moisturize, protect your skin from sun damage, and give your skin a dewy look. They can be used as a moisturizer, primer, or foundation. The best way to apply them is with a beauty blender!

CC Creams

CC stands for “color correcting” and is very similar to a BB cream, but do more “covering up!”¬†They are packed with vitamins and are meant to tackle issues like redness. They also have SPF in them, like BB creams, but the amount varies by brand. CC creams are great to use if you have acne, dark spots, or redness. Although they do not give your skin as much of a dewy look, they’re great for really balancing out the color in your face! Apply with a brush or beauty blender.

DD Creams

DD creams are the dynamic duo of BB and CC creams. They target anti-aging and are great for issues like wrinkles and fine lines. They have both the characteristics of BB and CC creams, so they protect and give your skin a balanced skin tone. They’re really good to use as a primer because all of their anti-aging benefits!

So, what the heck is the difference between BB, CC, and DD creams and foundation???

Foundation is heavier and gives your skin that “flawless makeup” look. They are great to use if you have a lot of imperfections, red spots, and acne but don’t have the added benefits of a BB, CC, or DD cream. Since foundation is thicker, it’s easier to build in areas that need more coverage and they are longer lasting. Foundation does come in a variety of shades, so it’s easier to match to your skin tone than a BB, CC, or DD cream, which typically only come in fair, light, medium, and dark. They can be applied with a beauty blender or a brush!

Do you use a BB, CC, or DD cream or do you opt for traditional foundation?

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  1. 1.17.17
    Chloe said:

    LOVED this post, super informative! I was definitely overwhelmed when all these BB & CC creams started hitting the stores, lol! Had no idea what they meant.

    xo, Chloe //

  2. 1.19.17
    Vivian said:

    I personally like normal foundation for the coverage but have been loving the it cosmetics CC+ cream, it’s pretty much full coverage and has a lot of benefits!!

    • 1.20.17
      Rachel said:

      I’ve always used a normal foundation and have been happy with it but the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream CHANGES the game!