An Honest Review of Our Dyson V-7 Vacuum

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Dyson V-7 Vacuum

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A few years ago, I purchased a Dyson upright vacuum for my mom for Mother’s Day and was instantly hooked. Once I moved out on my own, I knew I wanted to get one but since I was living with three other girls (random Craigslist find) I figured that it would be more responsible to wait to purchase one until I moved out on my own to get one.

Fast forward to when Chris and I started the process of looking for an apartment and moving in together. Since we were both living with roommates before and essentially needed to start from scratch when it came to what we would need (we mostly only had bedroom furniture between the two of us!), I knew one of the bigger purchases I wanted to make was a Dyson cordless vacuum. Now that we’ve had the vacuum for a bit, I wanted to do a full review on whether or not the $300 price tag is worth it.

Newsflash: it is.

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an honest review of our dyson vacuum
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Dyson V-7 handheld vacuum portion

So why do I love our Dyson vacuum and think it’s worth the money?

Reason 1: It’s Not Heavy or Bulky

I honestly don’t think there’s anything worse than a heavy, bulky vacuum. I mean, who wants to even vacuum in the first place, nevermind make it more complicated and frustrating than it already is? The Dyson V7 is so lightweight, making it easy to carry from room to room, reach all of the cobwebs that have formed in the corners of the ceiling, and it doesn’t take up much space in our tiny closet.

Reason 2: It’s Easy to Move from Room to Room

The best part of the V7 is that it is cordless, making it easy to vacuum our entire apartment without having to plug and re-plug the power cord into the wall.

The worst, right?

That also means you don’t have to worry about sucking up the cord!

With the rotating ball joint at the head, it’s very easy to get around the house and under the couch, bed, and around the chairs and various other obstacles I refuse to pick up prior to vacuuming.

Reason 3: It Makes to Easy to Vacuum Those Hard to Reach Spots

Whether I’m trying to get to the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling, behind our radiators, or the crevices of our couch, the ability to utilize our Dyson V-7 as a hand vacuum or with the attachments make it easy to reach all of those spots.

For attachments, the Dyson V7 comes with the combination tool and a crevice tool, that can be attached to the vacuum at the regular length (perfect for reaching the ceiling!) and at the vacuum head (perfect for the couch!). We also have old radiators in our apartment and getting the dust in between them is very difficult and the crevice tool gets the job done.

Reason 4: It Works SO Well

Granted, we have no pets (yet!) and it’s just us two in our 500 square foot apartment, but the Dyson V7 works SO well. Our hardwood flooring is originally and the laminate flooring in our kitchen and bathroom is less than stellar, making both of them a great place for dust, dirt, sand, and anything else we carry into our apartment to collect.

I love that when we use our V7 (typically twice-ish per week), we get everything up in one try instead of having to go over the same area 249724 times.

The Cons

I have to say, there is only one thing I am not a fan of when it comes to our Dyson V7 is that the battery only lasts 30 minutes. YES, it does stay charged way longer than it takes to vacuum our house but if I don’t charge it before putting it away, the next time I go to vacuum, I get very frustrated.

I’ve also noticed that if we cut up a cardboard box and there are any small pieces of debris on the floor, the vacuum will sometimes have a difficult time sucking those small pieces up.

A small annoyance that I can be more proactive about it, but it is still a frustration.

Do you have a Dyson?

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  1. 3.30.20
    Rach said:

    Thank you for your honest review! I’ve been contemplating if I should get it or not. I really like that it is lightweight and versatile. Works so perfectly for city living.

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      HIGHLY recommend treating yourself! It’s such a great vacuum, mins the few cons, and is typically on sale at Target!

  2. 3.30.20
    Lizzie said:

    Whoa that’s the craziest vacuum I’ve ever seen! I love how portable it is and the fact that it can do so much. The battery does sound like it could be frustrating though!


    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      It’s such a great vacuum! I do have to say that battering can be frustrating, but our place is small so it does the job!

  3. 3.30.20

    So glad you reviewed this! I had been wondering if it lives up to the hype! Xx.

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      It does!! I highly recommend it!

  4. 3.30.20
    rebecca said:

    i am DYING for this!!!! We have a shark but it is kinda bulky and not easy to bring up and down the stairs. definitely on my wish list!

    xx rebecca //

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      It’s such an amazing vacuum! They’re always such a great price at Target!

  5. 3.30.20
    Lee said:

    I have the dyson pet hair upright vaccuum and feel the same way – its great!! and similarly to what you’re saying i feel the only con is the timing. Mine also only lasts 20-30 minutes between charges which does get annoying!

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      The charging time is frustrating but it works so well, so I’m okay with looking past it! I will definitely get one of their corded vacuums once we move into a larger space.

  6. 3.30.20
    Anna English said:

    I have the Dyson Animal and use it every other day! I love the cordless feature, it makes cleaning 10x more fun.

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      The Dyson cordless vacuums are the best!

  7. 3.31.20

    Love my Dyson vacuum…def game changer! xoxo, Sarah

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      It’s such a great vacuum!

  8. 3.31.20
    Stephanie said:

    I’ve never owned a cordless vacuum, but man, that does sound really appealing. My mom got herself a new vacuum when I was still living with my parents, and I loved it so much that I put it on our wedding registry – and ended up with one of my own. I love that it really does a great job cleaning everything – especially since I have a cat. But it’s definitely not sleek, light, or cordless haha. Maybe one day we will upgrade to this bad boy!

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      Hey – If it gets the job done, who the heck cares what it looks like?! I do recommend the Dyson vacuums through and through though, they work so well!

  9. 3.31.20
    Mollie said:

    I’ve had my eye on that vacuum for awhile, I may have to take the plunge! Thank you for such a helpful review!

    xx Mollie

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      Do it! It’s seriously the best vacuum and well worth the money. You won’t regret it!

  10. 3.31.20

    Thank you for the honest review. I think I need to invest in one.


    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      I’ve been so happy with it!

  11. 4.1.20

    I absolutely love Dyson, and our vacuum is the animal 2 but I love the smaller size of yours. I would love something more compact versus the larger one we have!

    • 4.17.20
      Rachel said:

      I’ve heard so many great things about the Animal 2! Once we get a bigger place, I’m definitely going to upgrade to the larger model!