6 Things I Learned at #TBSCon

Last month, I headed down to Atlanta for The Blog Societies Conference and learn so much – even the lessons that were such “duhhh” moments!

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Now that I’m back on a schedule after The Blog Societies Conference I’m slowly but surely starting to incorporate what I learned at the conference into my blog and social media channels. It was so great to meet new people and network with brands, but going through my notes and applying what I’ve learned is the most exciting part.

Didn’t get to attend this years #TBSCon? Here are (some of) the lessons I learned:

1. Community is So Important

In an industry that is still so new, it’s important to surround yourself with people who “get it.” Whether you’re a blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur, or just trying to advance your career, community is so important. Find women (and men!) that lift you up, that are there when things are bad, and there to inspire you.

2. Shooting on Your iPhone? Take a Live Photo!

No one wants to be lugging their DSLR around at all times – I know I don’t! But sometimes you end up doing things that you want to photograph and share with the world and that’s where the magic of the iPhone comes in! Mixing in iPhone photos into your Instagram feed will help break up those professional photos and keep things real so learning this quick tip was a game changer. Once I found out you could do this (the tip is coming, I promise) it was one of those “How did I not know this!?” moments. Even though Live Photo’s take up more storage on your phone, they’re a great way to capture a photo (especially with people in it) and have multiple to choose from.

Next time you have your technology-challenged mom (or even a stranger!) take your photo, have them take a Live Photo! Once you have a few photos, go to each one and select “Edit” on the top right. Once you’re in editing mode, there will be a string of photos at the bottom with one marked as the key photo. And guess what!? Each of those photos is going to be slightly different. Your phone will automatically select the photo it thinks is best, even if your eyes are closed. Now you’ll be able to select the photo you want and make it the key photo that is saved to your phone!

Pretty cool, right!?

3. Pitch an Idea

Brands receive hundreds of thousands of emails. Instead of reaching out and saying the typical “I’d love to collaborate!”, pitch an idea. Common sense, right? This will set you apart from the other bloggers and influencers who “would love to collaborate”.

Not sure how you want to work with a brand? Don’t have an idea for content? Wait to reach out until you do. Collaborations are supposed to be mutually beneficial and if they’re not, the brand probably won’t want to work with you. (Harsh, but true!)

4. Start Local

Want to dip your toes into the world of travel blogging? Before you can start working with large, international travel companies and hotels, you’re going to need to start local and on your own dime.

This will help build the travel content on your blog (which is essentially your portfolio!) and help assert yourself as an expert. Spend the day adventuring your own city, plan a staycation, take day trips, and go on quick weekend getaways. These are all things you probably already do on a regular basis so it’s easy to take a few photos and share your knowledge of the area.

Stuck for ideas? Here are some easy local content ideas!

  • 5 Places to Grab a Drink in YOUR CITY
  • Instagrammable Spots in YOUR CITY
  • A Local Guide to YOUR CITY
  • YOUR CITY in 48 Hours

5. Networking is Intimidating for Everyone

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone talk about how intimidating it is to walk over to someone you’ve never met (but obviously follow them on social media or their blog!) and say “Hi, I’m Rachel!”, I’d be freakin’ rich. Group situations are a whole different story. *faints*

Now that we’re all in agreeance, do you see the point I’m getting at? Everyone is intimidated by networking, except for those select handful of unicorns that love it (TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!), so just go for it! We’re all in the same boat – we’re all intimidated, we’re all uncomfortable. Don’t forget that.

6. FTC Guidelines Aren’t There as Recommendations

Simply put: FTC Guidelines are there for a reason. Don’t fuck with them. Don’t forget to include them in blog and social media posts when working on a sponsored campaign. Gifted an item? You have to disclose that too. Get the deets and Brittany’s presentation here.

Did you attend the 2018 Blog Societies Conference? What did you learn?



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  1. 9.12.18

    Wow, these little truth nuggets are so powerful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Jenna!

  2. 9.12.18
    Bailey said:

    This was such an amazing event! I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend.

  3. 9.12.18
    Rach said:

    Wow those are some awesome things to learn! I really like the live photo on iPhone! I should try that!


    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      It’s a game changer!

  4. 9.12.18
    Cathy said:

    Love the iPhone tip! I need to do that because it’s so hard to get a good iPhone photo from a non-photographer or blogger.


    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      Yes, totally agree!

  5. 9.12.18

    Thanks for sharing these … I have not been to a blogging conf. in a long time. Love your floral dress.

    ❥ tanvii.com

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      You need to go to one!

  6. 9.12.18
    Candace said:

    Thank you for sharing these tips! I agree with posting typical pictures from the cellphone. I’ all about keeping it real! Great tips.


    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      Yes – it’s much easier than lugging a DSLR around, too.

  7. 9.13.18
    Stephanie said:

    Oooh I’m finding so much helpful info from this post! I never thought about doing live photos and GIRL I’m gonna be doing that all the time now haha!

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      It’s seriously a game changer!

  8. 9.13.18
    Stephani said:

    Thank you for sharing these!! Love the tips!!


    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      You’re welcome, Stephani!

  9. 9.13.18
    Laura Leigh said:

    These are six awesome things lady! Definitely great take aways and that LIVE photo tip is a game changer. Someone told me that after attending the conference and I have been using since. SO good!!!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      Right! It’s awesome, especially if you’re having a random person take your photo!

  10. 9.13.18
    Morgan said:

    Pitching my own idea to a brand is something I’ve started doing in the last few months and it has turned out very successful! Loved reading all these!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      It’s fun to challenge yourself, too!

  11. 9.13.18
    Megan said:

    Wasn’t the conference inspiring this year? I learned so much and left feeling so motivated.

    Megan | http://www.pipmegan.com

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      It was soo good!

  12. 9.13.18
    Briana said:

    I’ve never heard on this conference, but sounds so beneficial, I want to go next time!


    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      It’s amazing! You do have to be a member of The Blog Socities, but it’s super easy to apply!

  13. 9.13.18
    Mollie said:

    OMG I did NOT know that about Live Photos!! How cool!! I’m actually with my mom this week back home and she is dreadful at photos, I will have to do this trick with her tomorrow!

    xx Mollie

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      Yes – it’s game changing!!

  14. 9.14.18
    Hayden said:

    I didn’t get to go to the conference but I love these tips.

    Hayden // http://www.hautetableblog.com/2018/09/tell-me-somethin-good.html

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      So sad! Wish you could have gone!

  15. 9.14.18

    love that dress on you and thanks for sharing all the tips!

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      Thanks Hannah!

  16. 9.17.18
    Jessica Camerata said:

    Thank you for this great round up! So glad you came to TBScon this year. So fun seeing you. And I am obsessed with the live photo tip. It’s crazy awesome!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    • 10.8.18
      Rachel said:

      It was a blast!