5 Ways to Start the Year Off Strong

We almost have a month of 2017 under our belts, props to you! Today is the Presidental Inauguration, and without talking about politics, it is one of the most historical days we will see in 2017. Today marks the beginning of the next four years and I’m sure there are goals and objectives being set everywhere you turn in Washington. And since we still have a lot of 2017 left, I figured today is the best day to talk about the steps we can take to start the year off strong.

5 Ways to Start the Year Off Strong

Pay It Forward

I’ve been talking about paying it forward on Twitter a lot lately and I think it is so important to do those little things that brighten someone else’s day. Whether you are donating money to a charity you support, buying a stranger coffee, or volunteering your time to a local shelter – no act is too small. This year I started off 2017 speaking to the founder and CEO of MADI Apparel, Hayley.

Did you know that underwear is the most needed and un-donated clothing item in the United States? It’s true! There are so many women out there that don’t have access to clean underwear (something we take for granted!). For every intimate purchased MADI donates a pair of panties to someone in need! You can read about the women impacted by MADI here.

Want to pay it forward? Use the code: SeashellsandSparkles for 10% off your purchase with MADI Apparel! I have my eye on the black sleep top and the lavendar high-rise retro brief.

Know When to Say No

We all have a lot on our plates – full time jobs, family commitments, friends that you try to see as much as possible, side hustles, the list goes on. Knowing when to to say no is a conscious effort that we all have to make. In a perfect world, we would be doing everything we wanted to do and more, without getting drained. But, we don’t live in a perfect world so it’s okay to say no and stay in and enjoy some “me” time.

Set Goals and Follow Through

Ah, have you thrown those New Year resolutions out the window yet? If you haven’t – congrats!! If you have, you’re not alone!! I stopped setting New Year resolutions a couple of years ago and instead starting setting goals for myself, some short term (weeks and months) and some longer term (full year, if that’s considered “long term”… EITHER WAY). It’s easier to follow through when you set manageable goals and share those goals with others. You know when you’re at the gym and you want to quit but you don’t because you don’t want others seeing you quit? It’s the same thing when you set goals and share them with others.

Be More Present

Have you noticed some of your favorite bloggers and vloggers taking breaks from social media and their sites? Let me tell you – they all work very hard, day and night, to get content up for you and it becomes their entire world. When they take breaks and say they want to enjoy themselves, their company, and their families, they are trying their hardest to be more present in their lives by putting their passion on the back burner.

We can all take a page from their books and put down our phones and look up from our computers from time to time. Social media can wait, family can’t.

Stick To Your Budget

My mom is probably reading this one laughing because I am the last person that should give you budgeting advice. I like to shop, okay?! But in order to have the things we want in our lives and experience the things we want to experience, we need to be able to stick to a budget so we can save money to do those things. Being a girl ain’t cheap and living ain’t cheap. Using apps like Mint helps to manage your money, pay your bills, and stick to your budget all within one app (& it’s free!!!). Start making your coffee at home, clip coupons, and be more money conscious.

How are you starting your year off strong?

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