3 Ways to Shop My Instagram

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I have been blogging for over five years now and I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve been asked the question “where is that from?” or “can you send me the link?” when I share something on Instagram. With the ability to share links in Instagram Stories and almost all of my content linked through the link in my Instagrambio and directly on my blog, I’m always surprised that people still aren’t quite sure how to shop my posts. Today, I wanted to share the 3 ways to shop my Instagram to make it easier for your to purchase the items that I share on Instagram Stories and in-feed, as well as on my blog!

3 Ways to Shop My Instagram

In a Blog Post

Unless it’s a quick OOTD-style post, most photos and Reels that I share to my Instagram feed coincide with a specific blog post. Each of these blog posts will have more images of the look links to each piece, and if something is sold out for some reason I will link to similar items. This is also true for most lifestyle, beauty, and travel content as well.

If you scroll through my blog and click on a random blog post, you’ll see several widgets throughout the post with images that link directly to that item as well as internal links throughout the blog post copy. These links and widgets I utilize are through an affiliate platform so I will earn a very small commission on the items that you purchase at no additional cost to you.

You can see the live example of this here!

Shop My Instagram Page

To make it quick and easy to shop my Instagram directly on my blog, I also have a shop dropdown on the top left-hand side of my site. When you click on this, you’ll have the option to shop my Instagram, my beauty favorites, and our home. This especially makes it easy if you see something on my Instagram Stories that I haven’t posted in-feed or on the blog yet. I keep these updated weekly with any updates! Once you click on the designated page and click on the photo you want to shop, a new page will pop up with clickable shopping images.

You can also access this page directly from my Instagram profile but clicking the link in my bio. This Instagram landing page showcases my latest blog post and other resources, including shopping my Instagram.


If you already use LTK app to shop your favorite creators, you can also use the app to shop my Instagram content. All you have to do is search ‘helloherblog‘ to get instant access to all of the content I’ve shared to my Instagram. While you’re there, give me a follow so you can stay up to date on all of my posts!

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